I’ve hit a plateau – now what?!

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, there are always going to be hurdles you need to overcome and walls you need to climb on your way to becoming a fitness goddess. No one can reach an infinite level of awesomeness, except for Ryan Gosling, but you’re not Ryan Gosling. So what are plateaus and what do you do when you run into one? You define your own plateaus, so there’s no general answer.

I’ve hit a plateau – now what?!

Ofcourse there’s a general definition for the word, the dictionary defines ‘plateau’ as:

a period or state of little or no growth or decline

So whenever you feel you are not progressing anymore, you call it a plateau. The problem is it really depends on your patience, mostly. Some people scream out “plateau!” if they haven’t lost any weight for 24 hours, while others realize fat loss, strength or muscle gain are all long-term goals. It’s completely understandable you want to see constant progress, but here’s the truth: that’s just not going to happen. Ever.

The worst part? The more experienced of an athlete or fitness enthusiast you become, the longer it’s going to take for you to progress even a little bit. For instance, beginners who go to the gym can gain muscle a lot faster than an experienced lifter who’s been doing it for years and is close to his natural potential. The latter person is going to have to fight for every ounce of muscle mass, while the first can look at a dumbbell and gain a few pounds. Is it fair? Not really. But it’s the reality of things.


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  1. Anita

    Thanks so much for this article. I feel like I’ve been on such a plateau for the last three months now, but this puts it back in perspective again. Patience en persistence…

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  3. Emily

    ‘Check the mirror. It doesn’t matter how loose your clothes are, nor what number is on the scale. If the face in the mirror doesn’t smile back at you, none of it matters.’ <= wow. Good reminder, thanks.