Jamilla’s leg and butt challenge results

A month ago I set a goal for myself to start (and stick to) my own leg and butt challenge. My aim was to have nicely shaped legs and butt. I’m a really lucky girl as my boyfriend Jesse is a personal trainer and motivational coach who runs his own business, Body & Mind Control. He made a challenging workout schedule for me to intensively train my desired muscle groups three times a week. It wasn’t going to be easy committing to it but now I want to tell you about my leg and butt challenge results.

How did I like the workout schedule?

I found it quite tough! When I started the first weeks of the challenge I managed, as the sets increased, I also wanted to increase the weight, but it was much too heavy and I was not always able to do the exercises properly. For example I would squat to 45 degrees instead of dropping to 90 degrees. I asked Jesse for advice. He told me that I could perform the exercises better with less weight so could drop to 90 degrees and then continue to increase the reps. I actually liked this better and wow, I really felt it in the muscle groups I wanted to. Let it buuurrn!

Did I see results?

A wholehearted yes! My legs are tighter, more beautiful, more muscular and my legs feel strong 🙂 And also looks much better in my jeans. But also in underwear my butt is rounder, seriously better than it was. I haven’t achieved my desired goal just yet however. There is still progress to be made and my buttocks could definitely get smaller and to create more shape between my lower back and butt. The muscles I am focusing on are large so unfortunately I really have to be more patient to be fully satisfied. Buuuuut I’m well on the way and I’m feeling positive that I will achiever the results I would like with this workout schedule.

leg and butt challenge

Do I recommend the leg and butt challenge to you?

YES! If you have the same goals as I do, take this workout schedule along to the gym and get to work. You can find it here. Through this challenge, I started to train more consciously. Now I workout regularly and have made it part of my lifestyle. I can’t imagine a week without going to the gym. Although I think that going twice a week instead of three times is more than enough for me because I’m training so intensively.

So ladies, if you also want beautiful toned legs and well rounded bottom, try this challenge for yourself!

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