The Kayla Itsines bikini body challenge

Have you heard about Kayla Itsines yet? She’s from where the kangaroos are from. You know that place, they call it down under… Yeah that’s right, Australia! Well, this female fitness hero has compiled a Bikini Body Guide which we checked out. 

Training guide

This is serious business! Kayla knows what she’s talking about. Not that we expected differently of course! Her training guide consists of very diverse circuits which you have to do 3 times a week for about half an hour. We can do that! Right? There are 51 different exercises explained in the guide, amongst which our beloved squats, leg raises and burpees (not so beloved).

Eating plan

Looking at day 1, I see that we start with a bowl of oats (yummy!) and the first snack consists of veggies and peanut butter! I like this already. You eat 5 times a day and dinner often includes brown rice, chicken, feta and quinoa. Things we love!

However, the lunch does require a lot of food prepping. Unless you have access to a kitchen the entire day, you would do good to prep everything in advance. This can be time-consuming, but in the end it should be worth it! Check out the transformations of Kayla’s clients – it’s really amazing. I want that!

Starting this Monday, the #FITGIRLCODE team will begin with the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide for the coming (at least) 5 weeks, but hopefully we will last throughout the entire 12 weeks. We will take some before pictures so we can compare in the end… Maybe one of us will dare to share her progress picture, so keep an eye on our Instagram!

Is anyone joining us in the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Challenge?


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  1. Doris

    Waar kan ik de guide vinden? ik wil wel joinen!

  2. The Sorted Hats

    Oh, so great that you’re doing this. Was just considering getting the workout plan, but wasn’t sure it was all doable. Hope you’ll take us along the weeks and tell us more about the experience and progress! 🙂

    • Shelley

      Haha I’m not sure yet either! But I will do the best I can and of course I will keep you updated. Expect a blog about it in 5 weeks 🙂 I hope you will join too so we can share experiences! X

      • Katie

        Has there been a progress update yet? I’m dying to hear how well it worked! X)

  3. Anne

    Very curious! I’ve seen some amazing results but the whole stick-to-the-food-plan-thing is not my cup of tea since I still live at my parents’ house and I’ll have to eat what they cook 🙂

    • Shelley

      I know what you mean! I’m not sure I can completely stick to the food schedule because I’d have to look into food prepping first, but I am definitely going to take some inspiration from the guide and use that in my daily routine 🙂 But maybe you can still try out the Work-out Guide? X

  4. Caroline

    Ik ben hier zoo benieuwd naar!
    Ik ben heel toevallig vandaag zelf begonnen met de gids van Kayla Itsines (enkel de workouts) en vond zo zoo hard! Ik kon ze echt niet volhouden. Hopelijk komt daar snel verbetering in 🙂

    • Shelley

      Aah spannend! Ik denk dat je wel heel snel vooruitgang zult zien in je conditie, dat kan soms heel hard gaan, vooral met zulke zware workouts. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het mij zal vergaan haha! X

  5. Lisa

    Zo jammer dat je alleen met een creditcard kunt betalen.. Ik heb er namelijk geen.

  6. Fanny Héneault

    Hi fit girls!
    I’ve been using Kayla’s guide for 7 weeks now and I can tell you that it’s absolutly amazing! I had done lots of diets and workouts before to lose some extra weight and after a while I reached a plateau so I decided to give Kayla’s guide a try and bought both (HELP and BBTG) wondering if It was going to work or not! After 7 weeks I can tell you that I feel way better, my muscles are starting to pop out and everything, I’m finally getting my bikini body I’ve work so hard to get, I am thrilled! Of course you’ll hate it during the resistante training because it’s absolute torture but trust me it’s totally worth the pain!
    French and on her way to be Fit Fanny <3

    • Shelley

      Hi Fanny! That’s super nice to hear, I’m glad it works so well for you! Are you following both the eating & training guide? I really admire your discipline, following 2 guides for 7 weeks already. Good job! Now I am also veeeery curious about your progress, do you have pictures you’d like to share? Really curious to hear more!
      I can only hope I will keep up as long as you do! Hope to hear from you, X

      • Fanny Héneault

        Hi Shelley!
        Well i did just the training for the last six weeks and I just started the help guide on monday because I saw my body get leaner and way stronger, most of my progress is performance related but I still have that damn belly fat which is so hard to lose for me so I decided to give it a try!
        I’d love to share pictures with you but I’d like to wait till the end of my 12 weeks first! I want the transformation to be amazing!
        Anyway good luck I hope you manage to go all the way!!!

        • Shelley

          Wow, that’s really good! I’m sure that that belly fat will vanish as soon as you also start on the eating guide 🙂
          I can imagine! Well if you still feel like sharing after the end of your 12 weeks, please contact me at! I’d really love to see your progress with the Kayla Itsines guides 🙂
          Thank you and good luck to you too!

    • jacqui smith

      hey I have the BBG guide too but I’m concerned I’m not doing the resistance circuits correctly because I don’t think it’s terribly well explained. I’m setting timer for 4 x 7 mins rounds with 60 secs rest between each one. I’m doing for the first 2 sets of 7 mins I’m doing Circuit A twice through in each set (so 4 sets total over the 14 mins) and repeating thus for Circuit B. Is this correct or should I be doing 2 sets of A, then 2 sets of B and then repeating?

  7. Liz

    I’ll start tomorrow, too.

  8. Leanne van Gurp

    I just finished week 6 :). Amazing guide. The workouts are hard but you get amazing results!

    • Shelley

      Sounds good! I am very curious to start the training guide this week. Do you follow all the trainings? X

  9. Hef

    Aahhh, ik doe met je mee. 😀 Vorige week het boek binnen gekregen en gewichtjes gekocht, ben benieuwd!

    • Shelley

      Oeh, succes! Hoe gaat het tot nu toe?

  10. Kristyn F

    I love the training and eating guides from Kayla Itsines! I, too, was skeptical when I first bought the package, but I have been searching for something that not only helps with weight loss and increasing physical activity, but encourages healthy changes for an all around better lifestyle. This has been the answer for me! Her guides are easy to understand, really interesting to read and definitely fun! Still early on in the process but I have already noticed that I have more energy than when I’ve tried other guides and I’m actually still (surprisingly) very enthusiastic about the whole thing!

    Wish me luck!
    Kristyn Francese
    Tulane Freeman School of Business

    • Shelley

      That’s so good to hear Kristyn! I hope you follow through with the entire 12 weeks. They are indeed easy to understand and I love it that the food guide is not so difficult and mentions ingredients I actually know, haha. In what week are you now? X Shelley

  11. Fleur

    Vanmorgen begonnen met het eerste circuit van week 1. Heb het niet eens tot het einde gehaald. Mijn benen trilden al op de helft. Hoe ga ik dit ooit 12 weken volhouden???? De LISS en HIIT gisteren en eergisteren gingen me wel goed af. Jullie nog tips? Misschien dat het ook niet zo goed ging omdat ik om 6am opgestaan was en niet echt ontbeten had. Hoe doen jullie dat met ontbijten?

    • Shelley

      Hey Fleur, allereerst: you can do this! Het is even zwaar in het begin, maar hey, what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you. Probeer wel je eigen tempo aan te houden, zo’n circuit kan je zelf je tempo bepalen. Aangezien je oefeningen aan het herhalen bent in elke 7 minuten, zou ik proberen je rust te pakken waar nodig. Maak desnoods de pauzes een halve minuut langer, dat is echt geen schande. Je moet er natuurlijk niet bij neervallen!
      Zelf ontbijt ik altijd voordat ik ga sporten, anders houd ik het echt niet vol. Probeer een half uurtje van tevoren wat te eten (bijv. havermout), maar als dat je echt niet lukt i.v.m. tijd of hongergevoel, probeer dan een eiwitshake en een banaan te nemen ervoor. Dan zou je je al een stuk sterker moeten voelen en zal het trillen afnemen.
      Nogmaals, houd je eigen tempo aan! You’re doing this for you 🙂 X Shelley

  12. Samantha


    Just wondering how you are getting on with the programme now? I’m thinking of getting it this week but want to be sure it is worth the money?


    • Shelley

      Hi Samantha! Due to circumstances (I was in the middle of moving the last weeks) I haven’t started yet, unfortunately. But some of the other Fit Girls have started already! When I asked them how they are experiencing it, they told me that the workouts are quite heavy, but really good. They really like it and will definitely continue with the guide. I hope this helps you! 🙂 X Shelley

  13. Eshter

    hoi hoi! ik ben vandaag begonnen met de guides! zo spannend!! had alleen even een vraagje over de portie grootes. bv bij dag 1 staat er 3/4 brown rice, dat is 140 gr. is dat niet veel? voor 1 persoon? ik neem aan dat dit ongekookt is?

    groetjes!! and good luck fit girls!!

  14. Julissa

    I was wondering do you still get good results if you don’t follow exactly the food help guide?

    • Shelley

      Hi Julissa,
      I can’t guarantee anything of course, but as long as you eat the right foods and the right amounts, I’m guessing it should get you about the same results! How are you experiencing the Kayla Itsines guide so far? X Shelley

  15. Elfi

    He Shelley, hoe gaat het je ondertussen af? Ik ben nieuwsgierig en zou er ook mee willen beginnen, maar ik woon nog thuis dus dat eten gaat niet lukken… Zou je ook goed resultaat krijgen door enkel de oefeningen te doen? x

  16. Kaityln

    Hey! I bought her workout guides months ago, and was so excited to try! I’ve done it last month until the 6th week, but since I travelled a lot and was doing T25 as well, my physical body shape didn’t changed like other girls in instragrams did; I got too exhausted that I had to stop :/… Right now I would like to resume her guides, but the thing is I am currently lifting weights as well from New Rules of Lifting for Women, so I don’t know what to do… I want a leaner and stronger body… Anybody has slow progresses? I just want to choose the right workout for me…

  17. Elisabeth

    I’m starting in about 2 weeks.. I didn’t see the next update so I was wondering how you are doing Shelly with the challenge? X

    • Shelley

      Hi Elisabeth! I’m doing ok, sometimes I miss some workouts due to deadlines for school or other urgent stuff, but I do the best I can! I think it’s good to fit the guide to your own schedule and routine and don’t worry if you don’t do everything just like she advises you to. Good luck to you and you can do this! Will you let us know how you are doing when you start? X Shelley

    • Annegeke

      Hi Elisabeth!
      Shelley asked me to also share my experiences cause I have been following the program seriously for three weeks now 🙂 I think the workouts are tough and make you super sweaty, something I don’t necessarily like haha. Liss is a nice variation to the strenth trainings though. Following the program give results quickly! I definiteley can see a difference already. I changed some of the exercises a bit but did keep up to the frequence of the workouts. Good luck girl! I would really recommend to commit yourself fully for a month and then you can see afterwards if you want to continue or change up some things. Then at least when you are drowning in sweat, you can tell yourself it’s only temporary and it’s easier sticking to the program. Maybe only to find out after 4 weeks you want to continue anyways 🙂 Let us know how it goes! Go girl! X

  18. Shelley

    Hi girls! There is a new blogpost online by someone who has done the program for a couple of weeks now. Check it out here to find some of the answers to your questions! X Shelley