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Eight glasses of water a day keeps the doctor away
Aiming to drink at least a 2L of water can be very difficult. Especially when you are used to drink mostly other beverages like coffee, tea, milk or fizzy drinks. I’ve discovered that for me it’s a task (mentally). Those eight glasses are combined in 4x 500ml water bottles that I finish within timeslots during the day. Those timeslots make sure I’ve finished them all within 24hours;

IMG_20150330_093020[1]–           1st  bottom up: Between the time I wake up and go to work
–           2nd  bottom up: Between lunchtime 12:00-13:00
–           3rd bottom up: Before I leave the office between 17:00-18:00
–           4th bottom up: Before I go to bed 00:00




IMG_20150409_073302[1]Remind yourself to drink water on time
There are a lot of gadgets out there that can help you not to forget that you’re
on a waterbudget :-). You could put several reminders in your phone. It’s also possible to download an app that will help you do so. Or get a waterbottle that has a schedule written on top of it. I combine the notifications in my phone by carrying several caps with me. It almost feels like a game instead of a task I have to fulfill. Makes it so much easier!




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  1. Magda

    I started to put a big bottle on my work desk, because if it isn’t there I just don’t remeber (i remember when After 8hours I have drought in my mouth;p). And I drink water whenever I see it or pass next to the water bottle:) and you are absolutely right about the super sweetness of other beverages! Let the water be with you;)

  2. Iris

    @Mandy, thnx. Good for you, you keep THE water in your sight. Keep up the good work.