Keep yourself hydrated

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If you think it’s a hassle to keep reminding yourself to drink enough water, tell people in your environment that you can use their help. They can help you reach your goal. Nowadays, my colleagues bring me water instead of other beverages.At the same time they remind me of the fact that I might be off track and give me a little reminder to drink my water.

Stack up
Now a days people have a gazillion containers that allow them to carry water with them everywhere they go.  But those items will only help you if you really use them. I have a water bottle in every (sports)bag and sometimes when I don’t have a bag with me or have access to my bag, I prefer to buy water over other drinks. You could even buy a 2L water bottle, then you can really see how much water you are drinking during the day.


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  1. Magda

    I started to put a big bottle on my work desk, because if it isn’t there I just don’t remeber (i remember when After 8hours I have drought in my mouth;p). And I drink water whenever I see it or pass next to the water bottle:) and you are absolutely right about the super sweetness of other beverages! Let the water be with you;)

  2. Iris

    @Mandy, thnx. Good for you, you keep THE water in your sight. Keep up the good work.