Long hair don’t care

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Get low with intensive cardioSONY DSC
For an intensive jumping around workout, I wear my hair in a low ponytail with several rubber bands. At times I just make a messy braid. It’s painful when I get hit (in the eye) by my own hair or hitting someone else that’s standing behind me. Silly but it happens to me every once in  a while.
No K.O. (knock-outs) written behind my name yet though.

When doing heavy weightlifting, it can be very comfortable to not center all the weight at one place on the back of your head, or on top of your head.  I make a loose (half) ponytail that allows me to shake them hair strands after each set.
A full high ponytail is an epic fail for me. It’s just way too heavy on my head.


It’s a (head)wrap
Whilst executing a HIIT or other cardio session wrapping it up gives me live. As it can get very hot, sweaty and messy in there. For inspiration on head wraps I look at my sis @ily_fitgirl ,she has mastered this style like its nobody’s business.



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