Lost your workout motivation? 7 tricks to get back on track

 Oh oh.. are you in a workout motivation rut and don’t have the energy anymore to kick ass like the first weeks you started your journey to get fit? Sometimes it’s just really tough to find the inner power to overcome mental roadblocks and reboot your workout motivation. Today I’m sharing my best tricks to get you back on track and go after your dreams!


Staying motivated every day to get yourself to the gym and eat clean can be tough, and sometimes you just don’t feel like it. That’s normal, we all have these days! However, each day that goes by stuck in a rut is another day that you is wasted. Use my 7 best tricks to snap out of that rut and motivate yourself to workout and stay committed!

  1. Give yourself a break for three days
    You’ll see that not working out makes you feel even worse and brings out the best motivation power to get back into the gym. After some rest your body and mind will be re-energized, it’s important to recover. TIP: Never go 3 days without workout.
  2. Do the opposite for one week
    Try to do the opposite of your normal workout routine for one week. Try to change from sprints into jogging, from cardio to strength training, take a different running route etc. I normally prefer to do a HIIT, but when my workout motivation is waning, I change it for one week into a LISS. When I’m in a runners rut I grab my race bike to do my cardio.DSC_1122 2
  3. Outdoor workout
    This trick really gives me back my workout motivation. I love to change between working out in the gym and getting outside to exercise. Especially when the weather is good, you can enjoy the fresh air and clear your brain. I promise you that you’ll feel super energized!
  4. Say yes to superset!
    What is the purpose of a superset? To perform one set of an exercise right after another, while you keep little to no rest in between. In comparison to when I don’t superset it, I will add cardio to my workout. Another plus is that you will finish your workout a lot sooner and that change can help in getting back your workout motivation.
  5. Do a new type of sport
    There are so many ways to work on your body, tone it up and build muscles! When your workout motivation is that low that you feel like you’re stuck in the middle; give yourself a break from your current workout routine and try something completely new! Take a box lesson, go for yoga, try swimming, commit to a bootcamp group or another fun group program?
  6. Food schedule
    Yes, we all know it: abs are made in the kitchen! Achieving a strong, sexy and lean body does not only require killer workouts, but even more important: nutrition. To stay motivated, it really helps me to discover new healthy recipes and adjust these in my food schedule. Healthy food can be so delicious and there are plenty of opportunities. It makes me happy and motivated when I can treat myself with something new and share it with you on the #FITGIRLCODE blogDSC_1159 2
  7. Music
    Turn up your workout track list! Prepare a list with awesome upbeat music to boost your motivation. Refreshing my track list regularly, really helps me to get the most out of my workout. Oh! Please share your workout music with me, always looking for something new!

Good luck fit girls – you got this!


Live happily ever active,

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