Meet our awesome Fit Girl Lisanne

Hi there! My name is Lisanne, a 23 year old communications student from Rotterdam. Up until a couple of months ago I was living a really bad lifestyle. I’ve worked in fastfood restaurants since I was 16 years old and I have taught myself some really bad eating habits during my time there. I used to eat a lot of fastfood and drink energy drinks all day. A couple of months ago I met the girls of #FITGIRLCODE and felt really inspired and empowered.I finally decided that it was time for me to make a real change in my life. That’s when I really started my journey to become Fit Girl Lisanne.

Fit instead of skinny
I previously thought that I was being ‘healthy’ because I was excersising and losing weight. But at the same time I still ate fries and drank a lot of soda. I had lost 5 kilograms before, but through the articles on #FITGIRLCODE I educated myself and decided I wanted to become fit instead of just skinny. I call myself Fit Girl in progress, because I’m still working towards my goal. My goal is to feel fit, gain strenght and lose some body fat. Also I would like to run the ladies run of 7,5 km on june the 14th. I’m proud to write this article for #FITGIRLCODE and be a part of something that inspired me so much.

Adjusting my lifestyle was very difficult and took a long time. I also think I will always keep adjusting it. Two weeks ago I noticed I didn’t even have a craving for my favorite snack when I saw it on offer in the supermarket. This was a major milestone for me. When I started eating healthy I thought being a Fit Girl meant I would always have cravings for really bad snacks. As it turns out, the cravings lasted for just two weeks. I even ate healthy during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I survived the holidays just fine
As you all know the Holiday season is the time many people gain weight. Well.. not me! I survived Christmas and New Year’s Eve without gaining a lot of weight. My fit journey started a couple of months ago and I’m wanted to continue my fit journey during the Holiday season. With a little snack now and then. So how did I do this?

Keep your goal in sight
I bought myself a really nice dress for my birthday, which is the 10th of January, so if I had gained weight it wouldn’t fit anymore. That is something I kept on my mind when I was about to eat a whole bag of candy canes. Also I decided to take control by cooking Christmas dinner for my family. This way I made healthy choices, and everybody still had a delicious Christmas dinner. I kept my goal in sight. I’ve worked really hard these last few months so it would be such a shame if I would have to start over now because I let myself go and ruined my results so far. I’m really proud of myself I survived this tempting days and I’m still on track for reaching my goal.

This is how I survived the Holiday season, hopefully you did too. Or maybe you let yourself go during Christmas and New Years. How are you going to get back on track? Did you also make some new year’s resolutions? Mine are to continue my fit journey and reach my goal of running the ladies run! We are really curious what your new year’s resolutions are, let us know! I hope I’ve inspired you with my personal story. Feel free to ask me any question you may have and follow my fit journey on Instagram.

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