Model Workout abs killer

Are you always searching Youtube and every other little corner of the world wide web for a workout that somehow can make your abs appear in a magical way? Well you’ve come to the right place ’cause we sure know how to make them appear. (not so sure about the magic though, but some of us are die hard Harry Potter fans, so that should count for something ) The only thing you really need to do these exercises, is some healthy motivation and effort!

Add a little fun to these exercises and do them with your BFFF. Share the love and pain and if you have done them on a regular base and you definitely see results, share a well deserved treat! A healthy one of course 😉 Model Workout ‘abs killer nr 1.’ includes 5 abdominal exercises:

  • Feet stacked crunch
  • Hand 2 toe left & right
  • Bicycle crunch
  • 90* side roll
  • Ancle tab

And here’s how you do them…


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  1. Lenneke

    Yeah, I’m going to give this a try. I already do two minutes of planking every morning when I roll out of bed, so I’m going to set the alarm a bit earlier so I can try these tomorrow morning!

    • Paultje

      Hey Lenneke,

      tell me how was it? Did you try and do it once or is it swiftly becoming a habit allready??


      • Lenneke

        I have to admit, Paultje, I only managed to do it once since I posted my response… I am keeping up with my planking every morning but the abs work-out is no routine (yet). I’m going to write them down though, so I can put them somewhere in sight when waking up and be reminded of doing them.