Motivation: where to find it and how to keep it

So you want something but you don’t know where you should get started?  Guess what! You already have by just wanting it. If it’s on your mind, it already is working it’s way through your thoughts. We are talking about motivation:  where to find it and how to keep it

People often ask me how I keep myself motivated to workout, be fit and keep it fun. I mostly answer this question with: because I love it. But motivation is bit more complex than just loving something, so here’s my ‘complex’ answer.

The starting point
You already bought nice looking workout shoes and a set of dumbbells? Good job! Now ask yourself: how bad do I really want this. And yes, workout shoes and dumbbells are really important. But after all it’s the intrinsic motivation that we need to keep ourselves going. Unfortunately that’s not for sale.

What makes us do what we do? Why do some succeed and other fail? Motivation isn’t that easy to explain, but these explanations will help to clear things up.
In general, we have 2 types:
◊ Intrinsic motivation: the motivation is coming from within. In most situations this is the highest source of power to achieve something. Examples of intrinsic motivation can be: acceptance, curiosity, independence and/or social contacts.
◊ Extrinsic motivation: the motivation is coming from an outside source. For example, incentives are a well known extrinsic motivator (like bonuses, upgrades or promotions). But activities or products can also be very rewarding.

Usually we start with the resources instead of thinking about the goal. What do you REALLY need to get what you want? I’ll get you started with this small checklist that will make you think a little more about your goal(s).

√ | Get the (right) information
Google is our best friend. But please be careful with it because there are maaaaany experts with just as many views and story’s to tell you. Be smart and make sure you get the right information before you jump into conclusions.

√ | Talk to others
If you want something there always have been many people before you that have wanted the same. Look for them and maybe they can help you to look further into you goals or clear things up.

√ | Try to think about what kind of motivation drives you
You want to work out and look (and feel) good, but why exactly?
There can be multiple reasons:
→ Fear: you are scared of the negative consequences if you don’t make a change.
→ Achievement: you desire to improve your skills and be more competent
→  Growth: you want to increase your self-knowledge and grow as an individual
→   Power: you want to experience autonomy. You want to be able to make choices and be in control of your own decisions
→  Social: you want to relate to the people around you. You want to feel a connection with another person or group.  Mostly this comes from a need for acceptance.

Please keep in mind that non of these types of motivation can be described as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The outcome of them is determined by the way you use them.


⇒”The starting point of any achievement is desire”⇐

This sums it up pretty good. Even though I have many quotes that inspire me, this is the one that I use in almost every situation. When I decide I want something, I go for it. ALL the way. The reason behind the motivation differs from time to time. Sometimes it’s just 1 reason, sometimes it’s all of them. And that’s okay.

It doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly or without any struggle but the desire to get it should be enough motivation to push through. Just ask yourself: how bad do I desire this? And there it is: the answer to your question. There is always a way for getting to your dreams without falling asleep (yup, there we have my second favourite quote ;)) If you’re looking for more motivational quotes or want to know more about my fit journey: follow me on my Instagram @Yolaforthewin

Please feel free to share in the comments below what it is that you really desire. We love to inspire each other and I am really curious what moves other FitGirls to do the things they do.

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  1. Laura

    What helps me get through those difficult days, is to tell myself that i only have to put on my gym clothes. Once i’m in those, i will feel the ‘workout mood’ kicking in 🙂