Nike Innovation summit report – day 1

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For those who for some reason missed our New York spam this week; We went to the Big Apple with Nike for Nike Innovation summit. And it was AMAZING.  We visited a fashion show with the most inspiring athletes, interviews with power women, princess treatments and much much more.. Prepare to be amazed with part 1 of our #FITGIRLCODEgoesNY  report!

Nike Innovation summit report – day 1

And it all started a the airport like most trips. But this time, we traveled in Style. Business Elite class from Delta Airlines treated us like little fit princesses. So we ordered champagne, made 867 selfies and drove “normal” business class people a bit crazy by screaming every time we were offered yet another luxurious service #sorrynotsorry.

Airplane nike collage_edited-1

Go to page 2 to see what our first day with Nike looked like!

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  1. fitsters

    ah!! love the monochrome outfit! it’s simply perfect!
    haha I really lol when I read you were driving “normal” business class crazy! I’ve imagined you 🙂



  2. Marloes Dijksterhuis

    Oooh, you lucky ladies!!!! Love it, love it, love it (all!)

  3. Tiziana

    What a Adventure!!

  4. Taja Cunningham

    Sofia Boutella is such an insane superwoman! Her workout on the NTC app will wreck your abs like no other. I suggest everyone give it at try. I still can’t go through it without praying the 15 minutes would just come to an end!

  5. Anabel Ávila

    Nike is always creating great stuff! I love the black and white tights!