No Gym? No Problem !? – Stairs

When I studied Theatre and Afro – American literature at the University of California Los Angeles,  I wasn’t nearly the Fit Girl I am today. Yes, I went to the gym but I wasn’t as strong and nowhere near the fit level I am now.  On campus there were a lot of facilities students could use to benefit their own fitness goals and besides going to Wooden Gym for weight training,  my all time favorite thing to do while I was there, was running ‘dem bleachers at Drake Stadium. Because who needs a gym anyway when you can Do.It.Yodamnself. Stay tuned to see how you can do it too in this edition of : No Gym? No Problem !? – Stairs


Do a five minute warm up consisting of dynamic moves such as lunges, side shuffles, grapevines, light jogging, stretching and a few trips up and down the stairs at a comfortable pace. Complete each exercise on the list below in succession. Between each exercise, jog up and down the stairs at a moderate pace for 1-3 minutes, depending on your fitness level.

1) Run/Sprint

Run to the top of the stairs at your fastest possible pace. Be sure to rapidly swing your arms and reach forward as if you were grabbing for a rope to help you up. Jog down at a slower, more comfortable pace.

2) Broad Jumps

Begin in a strong squat position with your hips tilted back and your knees just above your ankles. Then explosively jump up to the next step (or as many as you can clear). Absorb the shock of the jump by landing softly in a squat position just as you started. Continue this all the way to the top, then jog down.

3) Stair Squats

Start facing the side of a step with one foot on the step above, and one on the step (or two) below. Descend into a squat by driving your hips back and then drive through the leg on the top step. Pause by balancing on one leg for 2 seconds, then slowly descend back down into a squat. Be sure to keep both knees “open” so that they are in line with your ankles the entire time.
Add weights for that extra burn!



Stair training  has a lot of benefits.

  • No equipment? No problem! All you need are your sneakers and a staircase. Consider this your fat shedding, go-to workout when you are away on vacation, business travel or when you just can’t make it to the gym!
  • Become a better runner. This type of conditioning hits three of the most important elements of training that make an efficient runner: strength, endurance and power. These short bouts of explosive, plyometric and anaerobic work allow you to run longer distances more easily. Who doesn’t want the ability to do that?
  • Train your posterior chain. The posterior chain is made up of the powerful muscles of your upper and lower back, legs and glutes. Sadly this crucial group of muscles, is virtually ignored during our sedentary lifestyles filled with desk jobs, long commutes and seated machine-based workouts.
  • Get outside (before it’s too late!) Spend your last few warm days outdoors instead of inside the confines of a dark studio or gym. This work out pairs well with a short distance run. Save 10 extra minutes at the end of your run to take your fitness to the next level.

So there you have it! Now find yo’self some stairs and get to work!


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