Outside Bench Workout

During these cold winter months, it might seem even more appealing to work out inside your gym. However, few realize that working out outside has a lot of advantages! It improves your mood, confidence and mental fatigue. Moreover, a lot of people are faced with a winter depression. The days get shorter, it’s cold and dirty outside, and you don’t see a lot of sunlight. But when you’re working out outside your body will get some sunlight which will generate Vitamin D. Also, exercising causes your body to make endorfine. This hormone will make your bad mood disappear.

Put your thermo underwear and your beastmode on, because we have an outside bench-workout lined up for you that will definitely make you happy (think of all the endorphines! ;)). The only thing you will need for this workout is a little bit of motivation, fresh air and a park bench. Adios winter depression!

Outside Bench Workout

High knee step ups

glamour bench workout high knie

Lift your left foot on the bench and move your right leg to the front and up. Bend your knee in an angle of 90 degrees and hold this position for a couple of seconds. Slowly move downwards. Change leg after 10 repetitions and start the exercise with your right foot on the bench. Do this exercise 3 times and shake your legs loose in between sets.

Bench pistol squat

glamour bench workout pistol

Sit down on the bench and slowly move up with your right leg. Make sure to keep your left leg stretched. If it’s not possible to keep your left leg stretched, you can also bow your left knee a little to make it somewhat easier for you. Slowly go down until your buttocks hit the bench and go up again. Make sure that you don’t sit on the bench. Change legs after doing 10 repetitions with 1 leg. Do this exercise 3 times and shake your legs loose in between sets.


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  1. Izzy

    Nice article, but I would like to add that in countries like the Netherlands it’s nonsensical to assume that going outside in winter will actually help out with generating vitamin D. For your body to be able to produce vitamin D, a UV index of at least 3 is required. In the Dutch winters the UV index is way below that; for instance, today we have a sad UV index of 1. Of course it’s beneficial to go out in winter for all kinds of other reasons, but it would be self-deception to think that generating vitamin D is one of them. If you’re lacking in D, it would be much better to take a supplement (like many elderly people already do).