Post-workout food

This week we received a question from Cheniva: what is good post-workout food? We all know that feeling when you have seriously trained your ass off and when you get home, all you wanna do is jump the fridge and eat it all. Now think back of Chris’ article ‘treat your body like a car’. Your body needs the right fuel in order to work properly. So when you finish a work out and come home, you should pay attention to what you are going to eat. But what foods are right for you after a work out? Here are some good post-workout foods for you to consider.

After your work out, you need to replenish on carbs and protein in order to properly nourish your body. Ideally, you must take more carbs and a bit of protein, in a ratio of 3:1 – however, not all of these post-workout foods have that ratio. We’re not gurus or experts, so don’t blame us if the ratio is not completely right 😉

1. Protein shake

I wrote a blog before about protein shakes and how they are beneficial for you. Protein shakes are perfect post-workout food, or well, actually it is a post-workout drink. The point is that these shakes contain a lot of protein (duh!) and that you need that to repair your muscles from the work out. A lot of rumours revolve around protein shakes, and some people associate it with bodybuilding and think it is crap. They are not crap! Your body needs protein in order to repair your muscles, and it is quite time consuming to take in all the protein you need through food, since food mostly contains little amounts. Plus, protein shakes are yummy! I had the flavoursvanilla, strawberry, banana, and creamy coconut so far, and I still can’t say which one my favorite is.

2. Yoghurt/Quark

These are both really good in terms of replenishing you with protein and carbs. Of course go for the low-fat version without a lot of artificial sugars added. You can also throw some nuts or fruit into the same bowl, that will make it a delicious post-workout snack!

3. Dried fruit and nuts

We already knew these were very good for our health, but it turns out that they are also rich in protein and carbs. Perfect for after your work-out!

4. Omelet

If you still have the energy, you can make yourself an omelet with, for example, spinach. Eggs are rich in protein and will help your muscle regain strength. And besides, omelets are delicious!

5. Chicken

You can prepare this either before or after your work out, but if you grill some chicken and veggies, you’ll have a super tasty post-workout meal. Chicken contains lean protein and carbohydrates without making you feel bloated. Nice, right?


What do you eat after your work out?


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  1. Cariena

    Ik eet na het sporten graag een omelet of twee gekookte eitjes. Yumm!

    • Shelley

      Mm lekker, een omelet! Dat ga ik ook echt eens doen 🙂

  2. samantha

    Ik drink graag een shake na het sporten of een bakje met yoghurt en fruit, maar dat gedroogd fruit ook goed was wist ik niet.

    • Shelley

      Lekker! Ik neem meestal ook een shake, en had pas een bakje yoghurt met fruit en noten gemaakt, dat was ook wel echt een treat!