Rotterdam, 6th August, 2014 – #FITGIRLCODE is an online community that inspires and motivates women worldwide to find their own healthy lifestyle. #FITGIRLCODE gives women the tools to live their life like a real ‘Fit Girl’. Whether you’re at the very beginning of your fit journey or just need that final push for those rock-hard abs, the #FITGIRLCODE community supports you through thick and thin! We believe that rewarding yourself is just part of the deal, so there is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying your favorite chocolate. The community currently reaches 100.000 women per month and this number is growing each month by more than 200 percent.

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Best Fit Friend Forever Worldwide
The story behind #FITGIRLCODE began six years ago when BFFF’s (Best Friend Forever Fit) Christel and Aranka founded their Instagram account @fitgirlcode. They posted daily pictures of their fit and healthy life and experienced great success. This Instagram account grew into a global platform with dozens of bloggers, that reaches over 100.000 women a month. The success of #FITGIRLCODE can be boiled down to the fact that the community gives you the feeling that you can workout together even when living hundreds of miles away from each other. Each month, #FITGIRLCODE organizes a sports challenge in which everyone can participate. Moreover, the team encourages all Fit Girls to find their own BFFF, so that the #FITGIRLCODE movement continues to spread.

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Take #FITGIRLCODE with you 
In August, #FITGIRLCODE launched their own webshop. Here, you can find exclusive tees & totes with motivational and original texts such as: “Eat your vegetables, do your squats, wear red lipstick, don’t let boys be mean to you.” Aranka van de Voorden, founder of #FITGIRLCODE says: “Actually, launching a webshop wasn’t part of the plan. It only happened when we noticed that, after our first giveaway, a lot of women really wanted to identify with #FITGIRLCODE by wearing our bags and clothing. That’s when we decided that we wanted to make our #FITGIRLCODE apparel available for everyone, so that they can show that they are ambassadors of the #FITGIRLCODE movement.” The clothes and bags are made of organic cotton and the ink that is used to print the bags is based on fair soybean oil.

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