Pretty Pink Beetroot Smoothie

My favorite smoothies are the ones with beetroot. Because look at that color! Beetroot smoothies are not only really pretty, but they are also really yummy. This Pretty Pink Beetroot Smoothie is sweet and creamy with a nice earthy accent. I like to drink this smoothie before or after my workout. Did you know that beetroot can improve athletic performance? The ultimate veggie for us Fitgirls, haha 😉

For this pretty pink beetroot smoothie, you’ll need:

–          1 Beetroot (cooked)

–          1 Ripe banana

–          1 Scoop of vanilla protein powder

–          Water until you have the thickness you prefer

Blend it up! Easy as that right! Tip: I love to freeze either the banana or the beetroot, for a nice cold variation. Enjoy!

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  1. zonderzooi

    Wat ziet deze smoothie er lekker uit zeg, heerlijke kleur!

    • Lisa

      I know right hihi! Echt een must try, heel lekker romig en zoet 🙂

  2. Pretty sexy in Pink smoothie! Looks yummy 🙂

    • Lisa

      Hahaha good name! And it totally is yummy, try it!! 😀

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