Hi fit girl!

We think your privacy is very important. That’s why we would never ask you to share any unnecessary data with us. Any data that you do share with us is handled very cautiously and is never shared with third parties without your explicit consent. For example: If you take part in one of our contests that is linked to another brand, and you win, then we would first email you asking whether we can share your name and email address with the brand so that they can then send you your prize. Only once you’ve given your explicit consent will the brand receive your data. Privacy is important, girl!

How and why do we collect your data?

There are a few different ways in which we collect your data:

  • You can sign up to our newsletter in order to receive fun emails from us. In this case we will ask you your name and email address, and occasionally also your surname. When you sign up for one of our freebies, the free downloads page, or a contest, you can choose to also subscribe to our “regular” newsletter, that is your choice completely.
  • Through Google Analytics we can see the type of audience that visits our website. It is in this way that we can see which country or city you live in, which pages on Fitgirlcode you regularly visit, whether you’re a new or returning reader, etc. All of this is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you.The information we collect through Google Analytics is highly important to us as it gives us the opportunity to make the content that you are looking for. For example, if we see that our readers are mainly reading about our recipes then we will make sure to keep posting more recipes in order to give you what you want and need!
  • Via the tool Hotjar we track where you have clicked on our website and what your journey through our website looked like. This is also anonymous and cannot be traced back to you. We collect this information in order to find out how we can keep optimizing the site and where your frustrations with the site lie. It is our aim to make (and keep) Fitgirlcode.com as user-friendly as possible, which is why we need this information.
  • When you comment on one of our articles, WordPress asks you for your name and email address. We can see this information, however we do not collect it nor use it to send you unwanted emails or content.

If you were to buy one of our Guides, then the privacy policy of our webshop is relevant to your data. You can find that policy here.

The only ones who get insights into your data are we and third parties such as software tools that aim to improve your experience with Fitgirlcode. An example of this is the tool Mailchimp which allows us to send out our newsletters. These third parties are responsible for their own correct use and collecting of your data. We do not have any influence on this and thus cannot be held liable.


Did someone say cookies?! Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer after having visited a website. When you visit our site we ask for your permission. This cookie contains data that will help our website “recognize” you when you visit our website again. This will make the site work better for you. Imagine, we’ve placed a pop-up on our homepage about a freebie and you then clicked it away, the cookie will remember this and then the pop-up won’t appear the next time you visit our site. Nice, right?

After having visited our blog it is possible that, due to the cookies, you see an ad from us on Facebook and/or Instagram. We do this in order to show you ads that suit your interests. You can always choose to inactivate the cookies or set up notifications for when cookies are being used on a website.

We make use of third party cookies in order to collect data for analytical tools like Google Analytics and Core Metrics. These cookies can be permanent or temporary (session cookies). The permanent cookies are saved on your computer or phone for a maximum of six months, these you can also delete.

Links to other sites

Our site contains links to other websites that we have no influence on. We thus cannot be held liable for their handling of your personal data or for the content on those websites, for that you need to contact them personally.

You’re in control

We are extremely careful with your data and want to remind you that you are in control at all times. You can email us at community@fitgirlcode.com if you wish to be informed about the data that we have of you or if you want us to delete or adjust your data.


We abide to our right to make alterations in our privacy policy. Therefore you should regularly check this page in order to be informed about any changes in the privacy policy.