Power boost smoothie

Power boost smoothie

We love a power boost and this power boost smoothie is really easy to make and delicious! Especially the ones with not a lot of hassle or weird ingredients. This breakfast smoothie is fast, sweet and cheeky. The pepper and cinnamon gives the smoothie the kick that you need to start your day tomorrow morning!


Preparing this meal is super easy: all of the ingredients go in your blender. Mix it and pour it into a glass!


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  1. Aranka

    Hi There,
    Thank you for the heads up. We are looking into it!

  2. Zoe

    Weet jij waar je in Nederland unsweetened almond milk kan halen? Toen ik in California woonde vond je het op elke straathoek, maar hier…

    • Aranka

      Hi Zoe, ik koop het altijd bij de jumbo maar de meeste AH hebben het ook. Van alpro is het!

  3. Dhwani

    Loved this smoothie! I had everything at home so I couldn’t not give it a whirl. Definetly a bit different from my super sweet smoothies but I liked it. Always looking for alternatives to my daily oatmeal & this was SOO good!

  4. Rudselyn

    Hi Fitgirls!

    Heb nog een leuk linkje voor nog meer lekkere smoothies !

    PS. Keep up the good work ! 🙂

  5. marlon

    Just made the smoothie with ‘koekkruiden’ and blackpepper in stead of curcumin and cinamon. Also very delicious!

    • Laura

      OE! That’s an awesome idea Marlon! Definitely gotta try that! X!