Report: SURFSET indoor surfing

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Okay! Time to hit the planks for the very first time! It was a LOT more unstable than I thought it would be. The first minute, we all had some trouble even standing still on our planks!


The first wobbly squats were definitely the hardest! 

The workout started with a thorough warming up. We did squats, paddle moves and planks. After 10 minutes, we proceeded to the Balance program. This was sooo tough! I’m not the best yogi there is, so doing all kinds of Warrior poses on a wobbly surf plank was definitely challenging! I could already tell SURFSET is a great core strenghtening program, because I was constantly adjusting my balance. We all had a good giggle trying to focus on our balance, which sometimes seemed like an impossible task.


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Next up was 10 minutes of high intensity training: circuits of compound movements without any rest. This was INSANE! We did squats, lunges, high kicks, mountain climbers and even burpees. What? Yes! Burpees on a surfboard! We called them Burfees. Of Surpees. Anyway, we were all dripping in sweat!

We proceeded with Build: the program focussing on muscle strength. These moves were challenging to do on our moving surfboard, although I noticed that all the Fit Girls got a lot better standing steady on their boards! Doing more squats, push ups, Supermans and abs exercises really made our muscles burn in a good way.


Fit Girl Tiziana showing off some Balance moves

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  1. Manon

    Dit ziet er echt heel erg leuk uit! 🙂

    • Roos

      Leuk om te horen, Manon! We hebben een super dag gehad 🙂 Zeker het proberen waard 😉

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