Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review by Emma

Second Guide

The first four weeks of the second guide are really easy which was strange compared to weeks 9-12 of the first. I kept walking and running but the resistance sessions didn’t seem too hard. The second guide has more of a focus on weights whereas the first seems to be focused at leaning girls down which make sense. You lean down then build muscle. The second guide adds in personal challenges, the 1000rep challenge is not fun. I did it in week 13. I was next due to do it at the end of week 17 but was getting over a flu so only managed a few moves. I am not looking forward to attempting it again at the end of week 21.


Second Guide Tip
Do not start the second guide without completing the first. It will not help you as you need to build up some strength and coordination with the moves as they get harder.

Change in weights and food
I already mentioned that with the first guide I was frustrated for not increasing my weights earlier. At the start of the second guide I was using 10kg on my legs and 6kg on my arms. As you have to lift the weights over your head and my arms are not that strong I cannot use heavier. For the abs I started to use 13kg and started to do this everyday to quicken my progress. By week 15 I was distraught. I didn’t understand why I didn’t have a six pack and was asking everyone for advice. The guide says not to use more than 10kg for your abs and my abs were not sore and I didn’t understand why. I took a photo and could see a six pack but underneath what looked like fat to me. I decided I had to try the food guide when I compared a photo from week 3 and week 15 and they were the same.

From week 16-18 I used the food guide I measured everything and had a cheat meal. If I felt hungry I would have yoghurt or a small amount of oats before a workout to fuel me (The guide does not state this). At the end of one week I could see a change and at the second week again. I knew it was my food that had let me down.

week16side week16front


week17side week17front


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  1. Sanne

    I really love your honesty in this review! Not only about the BBG, but especially about your own struggles with finding a balance between wanting to live healthy and happy, liking what you see in the mirror but not letting it affect you in an obsessive manner. Good luck with your journey! Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will get you where you want to be! Love Sanne @livelifedreamin

  2. Emma

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope many can relate to my journey. I have two weeks left of the guides. My instagram name is eking2014 if followers want to see more photos and join on my journey. My account is private as I am a teacher I hope people understand 🙂
    Next year I am setting up a fitness clothing business with a friend so follow me for updates on that. Thanks fitgirl for letting me share and be a fitgirl!

  3. L

    Really good review! Can totally relate to the food issue and nor seeing results. So reassuring to know I am not the only one struggling with this!

  4. gina

    Great review. Totally agree! I am at week 7 now 🙂 I was just wondering where you can find the weights to use in the glossary? I can’t find it. I read the whole guide… is it with the individual exercises? Or the educational part? Either way, my guide doesn’t explain anything about which weights to use… weird.

  5. Emma

    Hi Gina,
    Go to the glossary … For example number 48 weighted squat clean and press says use 5-8 kg and the medicine ball squat and press also says the weights …. I didn’t see this at first so used lighter ones. I just checked the abs didn’t say it but I think I saw it on her website or used the weights from the other moves to guide.
    So I saw that in number 48i had to use 5-8 kg and realised I had been doing too light on my abs and panicked. The second guide is clearer and says not to go over 10kg for abs.
    I like if the weights are stated next to the moves.

  6. Mila

    Thanks a lot for your honest feedback ! I have the guides and I want to start in January (due to an injury in my ankle I can’t do it earlier :/) and this review really helped me. Especially because it made me realise that I don’t have to be perfect and that I’m not the only one who struggles when comparing herself with other people. It was also really helpful because I wouldn’t have come up with the idea to check for the weight suggestion in the glossary! I really think the second guide is more accurate in that way 🙂

  7. Favor

    Youre tottally wrong about the sugar in fruit-not all sugar is created equally and the fructose/glucose in fruit is incredibly good for the body.Cutting down on fruit is bad because it is full of rich nutrients for the body

  8. Emma

    Favor it is suggested you eat two pieces of fruit everyday in all diet guides and online. I was eating over 5 a day so I have cut down to two a day. I know it is good for me thankyou. But my portions of it were wrong. I was eating 5 fruit and two veg and now have a lot more vegetables and my results have been a lot better. This is what works for me. I gave my experience and am not telling people what to do just offering experience.

  9. MB

    Thanks for the honest review! This is exactly how I have felt following her H.E.L.P and workout guide. I ate exactly according to the suggestions but I never felt full and I was always low in energy before and after the exercises. I was doing this for 4 months but when I realised how obsessed I had become over the calories and burning off “that extra apple” I just quit cause I had just recovered from anorexia and didn’t want to go back there. I was also comparing myself with the skinny girls. They were even skinny in the before picture so I felt like if I didn’t lose more weight than those girls in the before pictures I would be fat.

  10. Lucy

    Thought your review was fab, I was wondering if you struggled with measurements with you being a brit as well? Like ‘1 cup’ any advice would be really appreciated please!!!