Rock your world!

Since we’ll be running on Rock & Run, we have to look rockalicious! During our run, but especially after our run when we’ll be enjoying awesome music (such as Memphis Maniacs, BL3NDER and Weslo!). But how do you transform yourself into a rockchick while you have to run and party at the same time? Well, we’ve tried to figure out something that you will hopefully like!




Let’s start with the basics. The best way to make you a true rocker girl is to get some basic items that you can easily transform into a rock outfit. The best way to do this is a black running pants (black = a true rock color and you can combine this color with almost everything).






Of course, you can’t go running without a shirt on. So what to do next? Find a shirt (well, that was kind of obvious). But what kind of shirt? We at #FITGIRLCODE are going to wear one of our #FITGIRLCODE shirts, because you have the chance to spot us and win an awesome prize.






Next step

Now that we’re done with the basics, it’s time for the next step to pimp up your running gear. When you’re done, you don’t want to change your clothes all out in the open. And you don’t have to with these tips! Find a checked blouse to get that old American look and wrap it around your waist. This will bring you one step closer to becoming a rock chick.






Alright, let’s move onto the shoes. You can change your shoes very easily. You don’t need a changing room, so that’s a perk. If you want some kind of tough outfit, go for some rocking boots.





That little extra

To make the look exquisite and absolutely rockalicious wear a head bandana. This will make you an ultimate rock chick (think about music videos from the 80s, all girls wear bandanas!). For tips on how to wear a bandana and do some awesome make-up (I would go for the cat eye look) check out our Pinterest page on hair & make-up!






Last but not least, don’t forget the bling that makes you sing! A rock chick has to have some jewelry of course, especially knuckle rings and a beautiful necklace. These awesome items will make your outfit ready to rock everybody’s socks off.



Are you getting down for this amazing event? Buy your tickets here and let the rock ‘n roll begin.



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  1. Astrid

    Ahh, ik wilde meedoen met de Rock & Run van Juni, maar ik durfde het nog niet aan omdat ik nog niet op de 6km zit met hardlopen, haha! Vond het best jammer, want mijn favoriete coverband – The Dirty Daddies – speelde er op die editie op. 🙂 14 September helaas ook al plannen, dus hou ‘m zeker in gedachte voor volgend jaar. 😛

    • Nathalie

      Aah superjammer! Wel goed dat je nu in ieder geval wel die 6 km kan rennen!! Hopelijk tot volgend jaar! ^^