I think, that ever since I started wearing a bikini I have bikini stress. I love the summer, but I would love it even more if I loved myself in bikini. So each year, directly after the holiday season I get panicky. I need to get rid of the gained weight that kept me warm during winter, but deep down inside I know that these instant crash diet thoughts don`t make sense. I am working towards the summer season all year, but I don`t reach my goal because I make too many unhealthy en unwise (food)decisions.

Beyoncé in shorts
But it`s never too late to change! I have four months left to summer, more than enough time to reach my goal. (Which is looking like Beyoncé in shorts). The only important thing I need to keep in mind that I have to make sacrifices. For me, that`s the hardest part. Why can`t I not have both? Drink loads of wine, eat cheese AND look like Beyoncé at the same time? It frustrates me. Often it feels like I am the only one fighting this battle. That other people manage to look gorgeous and fit just by sitting on the couch and eating whatever they feel like. But I had to admit that this is just another excuse not carry on.

That’s why I started training at Sixforty a month ago. Sixforty is a personal training concept in which personal challenges are the starting point of achieving sporting goals. Challenges that everyone faces in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

The only workout you regret, is the one that didn`t happen
I made an agreement with myself to go three times a week. Obviously every now and then with a healthy dose of reluctance, but I promised myself that canceling is not an option. The 640 workouts are definitely one of a kind since they  are a combination of bootcamp exercises, HIIT and crossfit. Believe me, THIS workout is the heavy metal variant amongst all workouts. It sometimes makes me feel like I wanna die, but most important of all it makes my body shrink and my clothes looser. And after every training I feel like the queen of the world. So whenever there is temptation lurking around the corner, I remember that no one ever said: “Wow, I really regret that workout”. Because the only workout you regret, is the one that didn`t happen.


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  1. Kim

    You go, girl!