Say hello to our new blogger : Sarah Evelyn

Hello! I’m Sarah. I’m so excited to be part of the #FITGIRLCODE family. If you missed my previous posts, catch up on my delicious clean orange cake or 50 ways to get more sleep.

As a kid, I used to hate hiking on family holidays. So much effort, for a view! I’m not sure, with all my moaning and grumbling, quite how my parents persevered, but they did. Now, of course, I’m so glad that we used to hike together while on holiday and that we saw so much and were fit and healthy. (If I’ve never said it before – thanks mom and dad!)

I come from a very active family, a family who all push themselves to achieve their goals whether it may be long runs in the dessert, that extra rep in the gym, or yes, the additional mountain peak. We like to eat a lot too – (usually) healthy food, with regular treats.

I was never a skinny kid, as I always had tons of muscle and puppy fat. From a very young age I loved to swim. Clumsy on land, I felt far more graceful in the water, although in the large scheme of things, I wasn’t very fast. I was quick enough to go to a great coach and attend provincial trials every year, to play first team water polo at school and compete as captain of my swimming team, but not fast enough to place anywhere in those trials.


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