The Selfie Guide

Have an interesting expression. You can’t go wrong with smiling! Maybe smiling for the camera—or camera phone, as the case might be—makes you feel a little silly, but taking a random photo of yourself with your phone is a silly enough action in itself. If you’re on the serious side, a cool, collected expression could also go over well.

  • You can play around with different smiles, of course. A closed-mouth coy smile can be just as appropriate and just as flattering as a wide, laughing grin. No matter what, a smile is one of the most appreciated and charming expressions you can wear.
  • It can be hard to make sure your expression looks authentic. One way to make it look more real is to try to capture yourself when you’re feeling an emotion. Try taking a selfie while you’re watching a movie that’s making you genuinely laugh, or right after you find out some shocking news.


Take a full-length photo. If you want to show off a great new outfit or a fabulous figure after awesome workouts, you will need to stand in front of a full-length mirror to capture your body from head to toe. In this instance, your face is no longer the focus of the photo.

  • Take full body shots in a clutter-free space. The photo should focus completely on your figure, not on random objects in the background.
  • You can appear more slender by slightly cocking your hip to the same side you are holding your camera in. Your opposite shoulder should come forward a bit, and your free arm should either dangle to your side or your free hand can rest on your hip. The chest should lean forward naturally, and the legs should be crossed at the ankle.


I found this picture the hardest one to make. You have to have good selfie setting for these kind of selfies. Either my space wasn’t clutter free, or I didn’t have the right light. Next time, I think I’m going to make my mirror selfies at Aranka’s place. She has a great mirror for this!

Try a natural look. You can take a picture of yourself as the outside world always sees you, but taking a snapshot of yourself with bedhead or minimal makeup can give the illusion that you’re giving your social media followers a glimpse at the “real you”. This can be both interesting and sexy.

  • If your just-out-of-bed look is more of a nightmare than a dream, however, you can straighten up a little. Even light makeup can give the impression that you are showing your “natural” face, especially if you tend to wear much more makeup than what you put on for your selfie.


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  1. Marloes/GLAMOURMOES

    Leuk om te lezen. Ik heb ook een kant van mijn gezicht die gewoon mooier in balans is dan de andere kant van mijn gezicht haha!

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