New Video: Sexy Back Workout

Aranka and Alicia got busy and created a complete new set of exercises for you to help you strengthen your back. Now grab your BFFF and let’s get busy! Check out our New Video: Sexy Back Workout!

#FITGIRLCODE Presents: The Sexy Back Workout

The Exercises

  1. Alternate Plank Pull: Get into the planking position on your hands, pull one hand up to your shoulder, place back down. Now pull up your other hand to your shoulder and place back down.
  2. T Push Up: Get into plank position and place one hand to the side. Lower down and come back up. Place your hand back, now do the same on the other side.
  3. Shoulder Raise & 1 Leg Lift: Grab your dumbbells, make sure your feet are together. Lift both arms simultaneously up together with one leg. Lower your leg and arms back down. Now do the other leg.
  4. Bend with one arm swing: Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Step to the side with your left leg and bring your right arm (with dumbbell) to your left foot. Step back and reach up to your right with your dumb bell. Do the same on the other side.

Make sure that you complete the entire video at least twice with a small break in between. For intermediate Fit Girls, we challenge you to repeat the entire workout 3 times. And for our advanced Fit Girls we challenge you to complete this armtastic workout 5 times!

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  1. Laura

    You rarely see videos about back exercises so this was really helpful! Thank you!

    • Laura

      Aaah, glad you liked it! Thank you!