Sexy sculpted arms with the Barbell Curl

Hello you pretty Fit Girls! Do you want strong and sexy arms instead of looking like Popey the sailor man? This article is all about sexy sculpted arms and today I’m highlighting the biceps. Check out my barbell curl exercise guide.

These barbell curls are definitely a GO if you want fit arms. Integrate the guidelines below into your routine and you’ll get more defined and toned biceps.

Every girl can do this exercise as long as you maintain the right body position. Follow these 4 steps and try to find the right weight for yourself. Try to lift more weight every 2 weeks to become stronger and fitter.

  1. Your starting position should be as followed: stand up and hold the barbell at a shoulder-width grip with your torso upright. Keep your elbows close to the torso and the palm of your hands should be facing forward.
    2. Hold the upper arms stationary (keep them in the same position) and start to curl the weights forward while contracting the biceps. You should only move your forearms and breathe out during this movement.
    3. Continue this movement until the barbell is at shoulder level. Try to hold the contracted position for just 1 second and squeeze the biceps hard.
    4. Slowly bring back the barbell from shoulder level to starting position (step 1). Breathe in during this step.

Repeat this for a, for you, suitable amount of repetitions and do 4 sets. I prefer to do 4 sets of 12 reps.

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By changing the grip width you can train other muscles. There are several methods, but let’s discuss the 3 main grip options.

1. Regular grip: In this position you hold the barbell curl on a shoulder-width grip, just like described in the “CURL IT” section of this article.
2. Wide grip: In this position you hold the barbell with as wide of a comfortable underhand grip by taking the widest ridges of the bar. This way you put the focus on the inner portion of your biceps.
3. Close grip: When you grasp the most inner ridges of the bar your arms make a narrow grip and this way you emphasize the outer muscles of your biceps.

You’re ready to go, girls! Just give it a try and once you see and feel the results you are gonna love it. Keep me posted on your progress and I’ll see you in two weeks, same time – same place!

Live happily ever active,


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  1. Lilian

    This one can be killing! Especially if you place the Back of your upperarms against a wall! So you cant Cheat