Shoulders & Abs Circuit: 3 exercises you can do at home!

Hi guys! We know a lot of you Fit Girls don’t go to a gym, but workout at home. That can be a bit challenging, but don’t worry! I’ve got three great exercises you can try at home, both working your arms and abs. All you need is a pair of dumbbells! And I’ll promise you… you’ll feel the burn!

Shoulders & abs circuit: 

  • A: Twist and raise: 20 x left, 20 x right 
  • B: Move the dumbbell: 20 x 
  • C: Overhead crunches: 20 x  

Do 3 rounds and feel the burn! 

abs shoulders 1abs shoulders 3

EXERCISE A: Twist and raise:

1. Hold a dumbbell at your right hip.

2. Twist and raise the dumbbell left and upwards. Keep your arms extended!

3. Slowly, lower the dumbbell back down. That’s one rep.

4. Extra challenge? Keep your feet of the ground!


abs shoulders 7abs shoulders 6


EXERCISE B: Move the dumbbell

1. Start in high plank position, contracting your core

2. Move a dumbbell (or water bottle) from the left side of the mat, to the right.

3. Move the dumbbell back to the left. That’s one rep.


abs shoulders 4 abs shoulders 5


EXERCISE C: Overhead crunches

1. Lying down on your mat, and bring your dumbbell all the way up. Contract your core.

2. Perform an explosive crunch and hold it for a second. Keep the dumbbell above your head, don’t let it hang!

3. Slowly come down. That’s one rep.

4. Extra challenge? Try full sit ups!

This quick circuit is very challenging! You’ll be done withing 10 minutes, training your core and shoulder muscles.

I hope these moves will give you some variety! Ofcourse they are perfectly suitable to perform in your gym as well. If you would like more exercise ideas and fitspiration, follow me on Instagram: I’m @fitgirlroos 🙂

We’d love to hear your feedback: leave a comment if you tried the circuit!

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