Story of the skinny girl

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‘Losing weight’ has been a trending topic over the last few years. The world has become almost ‘obsessed’ with obtaining the perfect body by doing sports and eating healthy; people in general have become more aware of health. But what does it really mean, ‘being healthy’? What if, being healthy for you does not mean losing those last few pounds, but gaining them? The latter is a subject we don’t discuss very often, while there are many women (and men) out there trying to gain weight, preferably the healthy way. Me, for example. Over the last few months I’ve worked my ass of to get myself where I am now: 5 kilo heavier and 100kg happier. Let me explain.

Chocolate-eating monster
As a kid I’ve never been very chubby or overweight. I was just a normal kid, not too skinny, not too big. When I started growing taller at the age of 12, however, I became skinnier- regardless the fact that I ate like shit. Sure, in general I ate the fruit and veggies someone at that age needs (thanks mom), but during the day I ate every (unhealthy) snack that crossed my sight. Burgers, candy, chocolate- as every teen around that age I had a great love for junk food, and so I still had a few years later. Not the most healthy lifestyle I’d say. As if it couldn’t get any worse, I had this huge aversion for sports or any activity at all: even though I had tried all sports you could think of, including team sports, nothing seemed to work for me. I simply was a lazy, chocolate-eating monster. Still, I wasn’t fat at all. ‘You lucky bastard’ I can hear you think, but healthy on the inside doesn’t always mean healthy on the outside: I had no energy, no endurance and often suffered from ‘a cold’ or small virus due to lack of resistance. I decided it was time for a change. The beginning of my journey.

‘She must be anorexic’
I started running 4 times a week, slow pace and short distance, combined with a healthy ‘diet’. I felt better day by day and slowly build up endurance, speed and distance. After a few months I was finally able to run my first 10 kilometre: I was happier than ever before! Still, there was a negative side to this: all the running in combination with healthier food choices made me lose weight over the long run. At first I didn’t notice it myself, but after some months people around me started making negative comments. ‘She must be anorexic’ and ‘Look at her, too thin’ or ‘Does she even eat?’. Such comments shocked me at first sight: how could they think such things of me? How could this have happened? I had always been skinny, but not ‘too’ skinny. I never intended to be! The fact that others thought such things of me and the way I looked in general made me feel terrible. When I look back at it, it’s not that strange after all: from eating tons of junk food to exercising daily and eating healthy of course results in weight loss, when not carefully watching your intake, at least.

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  1. Es

    This story could be mine! Always was just a normal girl, who didn’t like sports.Started running, and lost a lot of weight. Saw people staring at me and asking if i had a disease…. Last year i started to build some muscle. Now i’m strong, healthy, have a better body. Find my balans between running and weights. I think it’s about balance: eat healthy (80/20), do some cardio and heavy weights. And be happy!

    • Laura

      Weird right, how things just change over time without even noticing it yourself? I’m happy to hear you’ve found the right balance, Es. Keep it up & stay strong!

  2. Marjolein

    Amen to that!

  3. Marit

    Mooi geschreven Laura! Ik heb inderdaad een tijdje gevonden dat je erg dun was en je moet mensen niet op een verkeerde manier inspireren, maar juist door dit te doen inspireer je des te meer mensen. Je ziet er nu veel gezonder uit op foto’s, maar ook stralender! Goed bezig en ga zo door!

    • Laura

      Hi Marit,

      Wat een lief berichtje! Het doet me goed om te horen dat mensen van buitenaf ook verandering zien. Ik voel me beter en zit lekkerder in mijn vel. Jouw ‘inspirational’ IG posts helpen daar natuurlijk ook bij. Thanks girl!

      Veel liefs,