Summer bodies are made in winter

We cannot hide from it anymore: winter has started. The winter is known as a cosy season: relaxing in your onesie on the couch while you’re eating your favorite chocolate whilst enjoying your favorite TV show.

Unfortunately, winter is all about colds, frozen limbs and short, dark days. Because of this, you don’t really feel like working out. However, you know what they say: summer bodies are made in winter! We know it’s hard, but if you want to shine in summer with a fit body you shouldn’t go into a deep hibernation. That’s why we came up with some tips to get you ready to brave the winter season.

1. Go work out directly after work/school

Don’t go home. Temptations are luring you to lay down on the couch and to never leave that couch again. Make sure you have your sports clothes with you. If you come home after you’ve done your intense workout, you can just relax and not feel guilty about yourself when you’re relaxing with your favorite blanket again. If you like running, go to your work with public transportation and run back to your home. You sure need to get home, so why not do it like this?

2. Look for a gym with a sauna

If you know that you can relax when you’re done working out, you feel less pressured to go. It can feel wonderful to clear your mind and body in the sauna after an intense workout. You’re up to anything after this. If you don’t have a gym with sauna, spoil yourself with a long shower or bath with all of your favorite beauty products and snuggle up in your pyjamas in bed.
3. Prepare your meals
Sometimes it can feel like you wasted your night if you went straight to your workout after work/school and you also have to do some cooking afterwards. Therefore, make sure you’ve already prepared a delicious dish that you only have to warm up after you’re done working out. This means you have a lot more time to do other stuff such as watching your favorite TV show at night.
4. BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever)
You will need your BFFF in these cold months. Try to motivate each other and think about nice rewards. For example, try to decide how many times you’re going to exercise that specific week. If you made your target, you can go shopping this weekend. Did one of you not work out, she will treat you to a cup of coffee or a hot cocoa!

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