How to do Sun Salutation A

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Use your exhale to step with your right leg back into plank, followed by the left leg. For a more advanced practice, try jumping back with both legs and use your core to land as softly as possible.

Note: In this sequence I demonstrate the right side. A complete sun salutation is done on both sides.











In high plank, make sure your shoulders are above your wrists and push back into your heels. Activate your core and push the mat away from you so you don’t sink in to your shoulders. Use your inhale to align yourself in high plank and prepare yourself for Chaturanga. Exhale, bend the elbows and lower down into low plank. Work towards a 90° angle with your arms. Your shoulders should align with the elbows and the elbows should be above the wrists.

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  1. Getvices

    Love this article! Now we can also practice to do a Sun Salutation. Thanks!

  2. Victoria

    Steps are super clear to follow and now I practice the Sun Salutation every end of the day. Looking forward for other poses!