Sweaty confessions #1

Today, is the first blog of our new weekly column: Sweaty Confessions. Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. This week, we have some stories of the Fit Girls who are working at #FITGIRLCODE. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

#1. Confession

A couple of years ago I was madly in love with this one guy. We kind of got along until one evening. I accidentally bumped into him in a bar with my sister. However, this didn’t go as planned. At the end of the evening, this guy was so incredibly rude to ask us if we wanted to ‘do something’ together (if you know what I mean). I was so grossed out that I immediately blocked him on every social media platform and didn’t speak to him ever again. Until.. I saw him again. In the gym. During a training. It was so incredibly awkward. I didn’t know where to look or what to say. I really didn’t feel comfortable during my workout. The sad thing is that each time I went to the gym I was afraid I would bump into him again and for that reason I just couldn’t train there anymore.

#2. Confession

For some reason, my bowels always start to work when I start running and this often brings me in some pretty unsophisticated and awkward situations. One time I was happily running after a night of heavy partying. Everything was going well until I felt a sudden urge to do a number two. It was so bad that I had the cramps. So what I did next was kind of embarrassing, but there was no other way to do it! With my boyfriend on watch, I sneaked into the forest for a number two. I know that it was the best decision at that time, but when I think about it I still feel really ashamed.

#3. Confession

When I was in high school everyone had to prepare a gym lesson. I already was kind of nervous since I don’t like to present in front of a big group, but I did it anyway. My pick was yoga. I prepared a lot of exercises and everything was going well until one particular exercise… I farted in front of the whole class! I felt like dying at that moment in time. Now I think of it as a funny story especially since I now know that a lot of women have gone through the same as I did when doing some yoga positions, but at that time I felt pretty uncomfortable.

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 


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  1. Lenneke

    OMG, two of these confessions are actually reasons why I don’t do them: running outdoors and yoga. I’m so afraid these things will happen to me and that I’ll be so incredibly embarrassed, but hey: you survived! I wonder what other confessions you have to share!