Time Takeover

When life gets crazy, how do you make time for your passion?I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with fitness. I love working out; it is my stress relief, my safe harbor and my daily routine. So what happens when work, errands, exhaustion and well, life…..get in the way?


I started working 10 hour days and now, finding a balance is harder than it was even a month ago. So how do I stay motivated? Sometimes it’s something as simple as wearing my gym clothes to work so I have no excuse to not go. Other times it is looking at progress photos I’ve taken, reminding myself how much hard work and dedication I have already put in.

I haven’t gotten this far to only go this far.

When I’m at work, I make sure to stand up, walk around and get moving every 20-30 minutes to keep my blood moving. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and making sure I have healthy, prepped meals makes a big difference in the long run.

Ultimately it comes down to self-motivation. How bad do you want what you’re working for? Even 30 minutes of activity a day is better than none at all. Whether you lift heavy, run hard, or take 30 minutes to do steady state walking on a treadmill, you are still doing something. 

Don’t forget to practice self-love. If you have a day that beat you up and you want to go home, watch some Netflix and eat a cookie….do it. Don’t beat yourself up. That is the beauty of re-starting every single day with a fresh perspective and a new opportunity to be great. When you’re striving to better yourself, staying active is no longer a chore or a hassle, it becomes something you want to do every day. Even if it means rushing in, getting up early or staying up late to get it done.


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