Top five must follow blogs

There are so many awesome blogs out there, which ones should you follow? I’m a bit new to Bloglovin (I know, I should be ashamed of myself), so I am not following a lot of blogs yet. However, I do have some favorites already! They range from fitness to fashion, from food to feel good. Check out my top 5 of must follow blogs at the moment!

  1. Anne Solveig
    Besides the fact that her blog is awesome, Anne is a really sweet girl! I’ve talked to her personally recently, and that makes her blog feel even more personal than it already is. This 21-year-old Dutchie blogs about fitness, food, fashion, make-up, city trips, and personal stuff. These topics are all balanced out and provide you with more than enough reading material. It is a light and easy read and is perfect to wake up with in the morning, so do check her out! Unfortunately you need to understand Dutch to read it (sorry international fit girls!).
  2. Fashercise
    Fashercise is the work of Alex and Camille, two Belgian best friends living in London. They post about a wide range of topics and believe that fashion and exercise should and can be combined. And wouldn’t we all like to look pretty while sweating like a pig? And if this isn’t enough already, they also discuss food, music, beauty & wellness, and gadget, with a dish of humor served on the side. Check out this blogpost, one of my favorites!
  3. Georgina Poh
    Georgina is so cute! She has a great sense of style and many inspiring work out ideas. Her food pictures make me think of the couple of months I spent in China and make me want to go back there! Ah well, I’ll just have to drewl over her food pictures, unless someone would like to sponsor a trip? (big puppy eyes)
  4. Food and Lycra
    The girls from Food & Lycra look like so much fun. Just by taking a look at their blog, you see how much they are enjoying their fit journey together. They are the best example of why you should have a BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever)! Laura, Kim and Rachel blog about fitness, but also about food and fashion. What’s not to like?
  5. Follow Fashion
    I am not very good at spotting the first fashion trends and I don’t have super-awesome-pretty-stunning-fashionable clothes, but I do the best I can with the budget I have. Follow Fashion basically updates me on all the new trends so I get some inspiration for new outfits or how to combine that one shirt I have never been able to combine so far. They also blog about fitness, health and lifestyle, so definitely a must-follow. It is in Dutch though, but you can still go there for fashion inspiration even if you don’t understand the language.

Do you have any blogs for me that I should definitely follow? I would like some more to add to my Bloglovin feed!

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  1. mirandaspost

    Dit zijn weer een aantal leuke blogs om toe te voegen op Bloglovin!

    Zelf ben ik ook net een blog begonnen. Superspannend! Grote droom voor nu is om ook met mijn website in zo’n lijstje te verschijnen :).

    • Shelley

      Wat leuk dat je je eigen blog bent begonnen! Ik heb even gekeken, ziet er super leuk uit 🙂 Je hebt in ieder geval weer één volger erbij! 😉
      x Shelley

  2. Wieneke

    leuk lijstje! Ik ga ze eens bezoeken =).

  3. Frauke

    Leuke tips! Een anders leuke tip is de Facebook pagina Get Out Of Your Fatsuit! Op die pagina inspireert Anne liebregts mensen door haar verhaal, hoe ze 36 kg en 20% vet verloor in 1 jaar. Samen met 2 vriendinnen schrijft ze over sporten, voeding, verleidingen en motivatie. Maar ook recepten komen regelmatig voorbij. Met iedere zondag een recept voor een gezond gebakje om het allemaal vol te kunnen houden!
    Echte aanrader voor mensen die bewust willen leven of zelf ook wat kg kwijt willen.

    • Shelley

      Ah dat klinkt heel tof, dankjewel! Die ga ik zeker volgen. 🙂

  4. Julie Hapjesprincess

    Thx voor de leuke tips!!! Ik volg alweer enkele blogs bij. Zou leuk zijn mocht je mijn blog http://www.hapjesprinces ook volgen. Je kan hem zeker en vast via bloglovin volgen 🙂 Ik post vooral recepten over gezonde voeding.
    Groetjes Julie

    • Shelley

      Graag gedaan! Ik heb jou ook aan mijn feed toegevoegd op Bloglovin’, ziet er goed uit allemaal 🙂 x Shelley