Update – 30 Day Full Body Challenge

We had so much fun starting our 30 Day Full Body Challenge two weeks ago! We’re halfway there so it’s time to turn it up a notch! How have you been doing so far? Are you ready to give it all you got? 

Update – 30 Day Full Body Challenge

So without further ado, get your sneakers and work out gear. Get a sip of water because this is gonna be a tough one! Let’s break a sweat and start!

And Fit Girls, don’t forget to use #fitgirlcodechallenge when posting your pictures! We want to see those bodies woking it! And the end of the challenge we’re going to collect all of your pictures! And don’t forget to follow us on YouTube too!

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  1. Anouk

    Ben iets later begonnen dan 1 januari, maar heb ‘m vandaag afgerond! #trots 🙂

    • Aranka

      Wat goed! En vond je het een leuke challenge? Heb je resultaat gezien?