Vegan banana icecream

Nice weather means it’s time for ice cream! Such a shame that a lot of people see a big scoop of their favorite flavour as a guilty pleasure because this doesn’t have to be so. What if I told you that you can make (with only 2 ingredients and 3 minutes of your time) your own healthy ice cream? Sounds great right?! I eat this as a breakfast when it gets really warm outside (trust me, ice cream for breakfast makes your day truly perfect!) I use superfoods and my favourite fruits as toppings and voila.. a yummy and nourishing breakfast!

Ingredients for vegan banana ice cream:

  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 25 ml of water
  • Topping: your favorite fruits, nuts, superfoods


Mix in your high speed blender the bananas together with the water until you have a thick and smooth consistency. Top with your favorite fruits, superfoods and nuts and enjoy!!
So what do you think of your vegan banana ice cream? Are you going to making this more often?

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  1. Eva

    Glad to see a vegan sister on fitgirlcode!!! Big kudos!

  2. Deirdre Conway

    after the icecream is made, does it have to be eaten straight away? (most likely not a problem, just wondering) or can it be placed back in the freezer like normal icecream?

    • Nympha Richardson

      Hi Dierdre!

      Thanks for the message. You can definitely place it back in the freezer, like traditional ice cream. Hope you enjoy. 😉