Wasabi Salmon Recipe

Who doesn’t love salmon? Like some of you may know, I am a real asiamaniac. I love Asian food and always try to give an asian twist to my recipes. So for the ones who love salmon and asian food? Here is a wasabi salmon recipe.

Wasabi is a Japanese plant. It’s paste is very known for it’s super spicy taste. Often it is served with sushi and mostly found in Japanese cuisine. Because of it’s beautiful green colour and pasty texture, a lot of people mistake it for something you eat alone.This is the moment, you learn to never do that again haha (sooo spicy!!! )

What do you need (2pers)

-300 gram fresh salmon (with or without skin, your choice. I prefer to have it with skin because it becomes amazingly crispy.

– 3 tea spoons of Japanese wasabi paste

– 2 tbl spoons of vegetable or olive oil (olive oil has a stronger taste)

– 2 tbl spoons of wasabi flavoured or normal sesame seeds

Slice the salmon in cubes. Mix the wasabi with the olive oil till it’s nice and smooth. Marinate the salmon with the wasabi and let it rest for about 10 min.  Bake the salmon in a nice hot pan until they are golden brown. When finished top them with the sesame seeds. If you want to complete a meal, you can add a bowl of rice with cooked broccoli and soy sauce. As we say in Japan: Itadakimasu!

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