Wearing make up to the gym

Do you wear make up to the gym? No, not currently! Am I someone who has at any given point in time wore a full-beat-to-the-makeupgods-face of make up to the gym and will do so again? HELL YASSSS! Why is that, you ask? Because I CAN for crying out loud. Simple as that. Wearing make up stirs up a discussion every once in a while so I thought it was about that time I put my two cents in on the topic and share it with y’all.

To make up , or not to make up

I’ll admit, as a full-time theatre director and freelance MUA I might be a bit biased talking about other peoples physical appearance because at the end of the day it is my job to look at people all the time, see what they do and how they look. And in the last case, also enhance or camouflage any outstanding feature for display on stage, photographs or camera. Nevertheless I’m convinced by the fact that every individual should wear whatever he or she damn-well pleases, even when this comes to wearing make up to places where it can be labeled as ‘uncommon’ or just plain old ‘weird’ like the gym, the pool or the sauna.


Walking to the gym with my make up on

I’ve seen girls (and guys) in real life and online wearing a full face – with their eyebrows on absolute fleek – busting out the meanest deadlifts I’ve ever seen and at NO point whatsoever did it come to mind afterwards to tell them that they shouldn’t be wearing so much make up or that they look ugly lifting ‘in make-up’  or whatnot. Instead, I tend to compliment people when I see them do amazeball stuff because I’m kind like that and kindness, ladies and gents, is #free. Taking that into account you can imagine that I was absolutely appalled by some of the comments on a few of the fitspiration accounts that I follow on Instagram of people who lift and wear make up to the gym. I will not go in to detail, because I think hate doesn’t deserve a platform ANYWHERE, but you will have to trust me when I say: some individuals can be so cruel for no reason whatsoever. Why can’t you just be inspired by someone’s accomplishments instead of pin pointing stuff you don’t like – which is actually non of your business to begin with? I’ll let you know when I find the answer to that, I promise 🙂 and in the meantime I just advise anyone who’s ‘opinionated’ to watch this video right here.

No problem

I think after the above, it is clear that the fact of the matter, in my eyes, is that wearing make up or not wearing make up to the gym is a matter of personal preference. Being experienced in make up I can tell you what products to use so that it stays on while you drop-it-like-its-hot in the smith machine or work on those muscle ups. And I can also tell you how the burn of that beauty store’s so-called ‘waterproof mascara’,  feels on the inside of your eyeballs or how ‘nice’ it is to smear foundation all over your favorite gym shirt :-). But at the end of the day there is no such thing as the right way and I suggest you just do you!

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