Orthorexia: when healthy becomes unhealthy

A while ago a popular blogger quit being vegan for health reasons, which quite shocked the online community. She was not concerned about gaining weight; her focus was on healthy eating so obsessively that she restricted her diet to the point of her getting malnourished. In her words, she told ABC News: “I would just stand in front of the refrigerator for 20 minutes totally panicking that I wasn’t going to be eating the right thing for my body. I was a slave to food.”

There’s a dangerous trend arising – living too healthy. You might have heard about it; this unhealthy obsession with healthy living is called ‘orthorexia’. This might shock some people, because isn’t healthy living healthy? Indeed living too healthy can be dangerous too, not just for your body, but especially for your mind.

Balance is key in a healthy lifestyle. That means taking rest days, having cheat days; not freaking out when you have no time exercise for a week, or eat ‘unhealthy’ for some days. There is a fine line between living healthy and living too healthy. It basically means listening to your body.

So what if you hate working out? Should you quit trying? Or what if you hate veggies and rather just eat chocolate ice cream all day? Of course you should exercise and eat healthy, but don’t overdo it. Being healthy also means healthy from the inside out. It is not just about six pack abs, popping biceps or making sure you get all your nutrients for the day.

Stay on the couch when you’re feeling sick or your body is aching – but do lace up those running shoes when you’re in the ‘ugh I don’t want to work out’-mood. Eat chocolate when it’s that time of the month. And don’t feel bad about it.

If you feel anxiety or panic when you have to do something out of your comfort zone regarding your ideas of ‘healthy living’, you should be aware, and maybe even warn someone. Living too healthy is not only dangerous for your body because you could get malnourished, but it is also dangerous for your mind as it can make you feel isolated and depressed.

Being a Fit Girl is not about exercising hours a day or just eating veggies. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself the healthy way; it’s about loving yourself

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  1. Angela

    Exactly ♡ balance is the key. too bad girls get too much information and ‘hashtag healthy’ becomes a religion. lovely article

    • Lisa

      Yes, it’s a quite dangerous topic, you have to be very careful.. Thank you so much <3 🙂

  2. Dieneke

    Hi Lisa,
    Ik ben zo blij dat ik dit artikel lees. Ik heb soms ook van die momenten dat ik ‘doordraai’ en bijna niets meer wil eten omdat ik denk dat het slecht voor me is. Zoals rijst, kwark en havermout. Stom he? Ik dacht echt dat ik de enige was en heb niemand in mijn omgeving die dat begrijpt, omdat ik de enige healthfreak ben =P
    Dit stuk is echt super!
    xxxxx Dieneke

    • Lisa

      Dankjewel Dineke! Dat is helemaal niet stom, daarom heb ik er ook een artikel over geschreven.. Opletten en jezelf soms toch echt pushen, geen cheat day overslaan hihi.. <3

  3. Marjolein

    Really good article. Good thing she stopped being vegan and chose to nourish her body. Of course people can live and eat the way they want, up to sertain standarts. But when your health is at risk when you think you’re eating healthy, that’s when things get tricky.

    • Lisa

      Thank you so much 😀 ! Yes I really admire her, it’s a really brave thing to do..! Xx

  4. Bodil Loïs

    I think this is an important issue, thanks for sharing this with us. I’m not trying to only listen to my body but to my mind as well!

    • Lisa

      Yes it is so important!! That’s really good, keep doing that and there is nothing to worry about 🙂 xx

  5. nina

    Ontzettend goed artikel! Hier zou vaker aandacht aan moeten besteed worden..

    • Lisa

      Dankjewel! Ja er komen hier zeker wat vervolgartikelen op het is een onderwerp wat echt onder de aandacht gebracht moet worden! Xx

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  7. Nina

    Loved this article! Just what I needed to hear this week!

    • Lisa

      Hi Nina, thank you for your comment! I’m happy that you liked this article and that it helped you. Don’t be too hard on yourself! <3 xxx

  8. Carla

    Great post Lisa 🙂 I completely agree with all that you said!

    Xoxo, Carla.

    • Lisa

      Thank you Carla that means a lot 🙂 xxxxxxx <3