Why slimming pills are a big NO-NO

Slimming pills. We’ve all seen the ads and endlessly repeated commercials for these miracle pills. But in fact, it’s a miracle that these pills are still legally sold in every pharmacy and supermarket… I wrote this article because I care about you Fit Girls and don’t want you to destroy your body with this kind of crap.

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is
If there really was a pill that makes you fit and healthy, everybody would be. If you search online for slimming pills you find testimonials from ‘people’ that say they lost 10,5 kilograms (aprox 23 lbs) in just 2 weeks. You can imagine that this can’t be good for your body, if it’s even true… Also, the before and after pictures almost never look like the same person. And still, if this pill does work, and all the before and after pictures are real, it still destroys your body instead of making it healthier.

Awful side effects

There are so many side effects to slimming pills you will never find on the package. Here are some examples of side effects:

  • Increased heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Agitation
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver damage

A 24 year old woman named Cara even died after overdosing on Forza raspberry ketone slimming pills. She experienced a seizure, followed by vomiting and fits. Before falling unconscious, she admitted that she had taken the pills. Sadly, she never regained consciousness and passed away that night after 44 resuscitation attempts.

According to a case report, Cara’s death was caused by a fatal excess of caffeine in the bloodstream; an ingredient present in high quantities in Forza and many other slimming pills. Each pill contains 200 mg caffeine (a can of Red Bull contains 80mg).

source: Cosmopolitan

You won’t change your habits
Long term weight loss requires a difference in your eating and exercising habits so you can live a healthier lifestyle. Taking a pill as a quick-fix method does not encourage you to gain a better understanding of how foods and exercise affect your weight. You are less likely to check food labels, record your food intake and fit in your work out, if you think a pill is going to do the work for you. Taking pills forever is not sustainable and once you stop, you’ll be back to your poor habits and initial weight.


An experiment
To prove my point I went to the drugstore and bought some famous brand slimming pills. I read the instructions and the next day I took one pill just before breakfast. Just 2 hours later my heartbeat was really fast, I was nauseous and felt really shaky.

So please don’t ever take these pills! Let’s build some muscles and get fit the right way.

How to get fit the right way
If you really want to get fit, you’ll need to work very hard. There is no ab fairy and you won’t get fit in a week. Working out and building a better body is an investment in yourself. You must be willing to sacrifice some things in order to become fitter and healthier. Do you want to know how I made some adjustments to my lifestyle? Read my article from fastfood to Fit Girl here.

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  1. joyce

    Love the fact that you wrote an article about it. A long time ago, i got one from a ‘friend’. Without any further information I just took the pill, regarding that if my friend says its good, it’s good. With in a couple of minutes I felt bad, my heart rate was fast, it felt like there was so much energy in my body, but I couldn’t do anything with it. I felt nauseous and shaky as well… I had to work, so called in sick and spend the rest of my saturday in my bed. So fitgirls, take note here!

    • Lisanne

      Hey Joyce,

      Thanks for your response! Your experience sounds somewhat similar to mine, horrible! Thanks for sharing your experience =).


  2. Gabrielle

    I used them before when I had my thai boxing training, they gave me just the right amount of energy to last the 3-hour training, then I stopped using them for a while and tried one before my weighttraining…horrible! I don’t even consider using them again, not even when boxing. My friend tried them once and had almost the same experience as Cara, luckily she survived…so just don’t…

    • Lisanne

      Hi Gabrielle,

      I’m glad your friend is okay! Must have been a terrifying experience. I wouldn’t use these pills ever again too, it just to dangerous and unhealthy. Thanks for you response!


  3. Erin

    You absolutely made your point! I would never try this, not even as a last resort.