Win these awesome FRENDS goodies!

WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! This time you can win these awesome FRENDS headphone and earbuds worth €220,- for you and your BFFF. What?! Yes, the winner will receive two prizes! What do you have to do to enter the contest? It’s real easy!  

Win the FRENDS goodies for you and you BFF(F)!

FRENDS’ mission is to find the perfect mix between fashion and function, and we believe they did with their stunning headphones and earbuds. These babies are not only functional, but they will also turn the heads of everyone who passes you by. We ♥ FRENDS and we know you do too.. So we wanna give you two of these masterpieces! But first, you gotta do something to earn it!

The awesome prizes

frends giveaway collage

We are giving away not one, but two items. One for you and one for your best fit friend forever! Do you want to win the Frends Layla headphones and Ella earbuds? Follow these easy steps!


    • Like the #FITGIRLCODE Facebook page
    • While you’re at it, go and like the Frends Facebook page as well.
  • Tag your BFFF
    The awesome thing of this giveaway is, you can share the goodies with your BFF(F)! After all, you’re winning a Layla headphone and Ella earbuds so there’s plenty for two 😉 Tag her in the giveaway post on the social media platform of your pick: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tell us why you two should win.
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  • Comment below and tell us why you are a Fit Girl and why you and your BFFF should win the FRENDS goodies. We love to hear all your awesome and inspiring stories so bring them on!

The winner will be chosen on the 30th of July, so you have one week to convince us you and your BFFF should be rocking the headphone and earbuds.

What are you waiting for?! Go and enter the contest… NOW!



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  1. patricia

    I really would like to win this for my sister Rianne Catsburg en me. Since september we are working out together and loving it. Some things we do alone with our own music and then this nice price would really help to work even harder. My sister is my BFF

  2. Cecilia

    Can’t find the giveaway poston instagram 😀 keep waiting!

    First of all congrats for the idea!! This giveaway will be a great success!!!
    I love you community ’cause is born from “normal” girl like me, so even if we are kms apart…I feel all of you very close to me!!

    I do a job I really dislike, but work on myself (I meaning doing workout, follow a correct nutrition) make me feel a better person, happier with these “cuddles” I make to me.
    It’s not a diet, a short period, a trend…is my lifestyle. I really believe in what I share in my days ( if someone of you want some daily inspiration and motivation).
    I workout 4/5 times per week, trying to live a lactose free life (’cause I’m really intolerant) and try to apport to my diet all kind of different foods.

    My BFFF is my boyfriend, LOL ♥ and i reallywould like to win this giveaway so I can surprise him with a special present from my fav community!
    Fingers crossed!

    And thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Nienke

    I really wanna win this for my girlfriend and me! She is my BFFF and we started running together so we are before the next season of rugby in wich I’m joining her.
    What else is better than goodlooking, matching headphones 😀

  4. Aygin

    Yassie en ik moeten dit winnen zodat we alle festivals en trips die we samen pakken een fancy partner look kunnen rocken!!

  5. Viviana

    I’m Viviana and my BFFF is Krysta! We have come such a long way since middle school, we used to hate running a mile in gym class, but now we have come a long way to being healthy and fit! We have both lost weight and gained muscle. Running long distance is now a love, which is so hard to believe because going from a mile to running a marathon is such a big improvement! I am so proud of us for being better and healthier for ourselves. We have both grown to love the gym and outdoors and having this prize would be a cherry on top of our accomplishment! I really hope you choose us!

  6. Abbie

    Can I have two BFFFs? I want to win these for my girlies Logan and Nikki! Logan and I have been friends since 2nd grade and Nikki and I have been friends since high school. After school, Logan went into the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan. Nikki and I both went to college. Although I was a tri sport athlete in school, that all stopped in college and I gained a ton of weight. Nikki cheered for her college but eventually moved home and fell in love with fitness. Logan was injured in an airborne jump overseas and came home. It was through fitness that we all came together! I love these girls because they support and encourage me to keep going. I want to win these for them! 😀 xoxo

    • Nina

      I’m sharing the goodies with my sister AND best friend Amy. She means so much to me and it’s almost her birthday (1st of August) so this would be the perfect birthday present!!! We’re #FITGIRL ”cause we’ve been working out a lot lately.. It’s summer vacation and our dance classes are over now. We’re normally dancing 12 hours a week.. Because we dance so much we LOVE music and the headphones and earbuds are just the perfect thing for us!! Hope we win.. We want those things so badly :((((

  7. Mahoganie

    I would love to win for me and bestie Christina. She has wanted to get to back to a healthier lifestyle and she and I both work in high demanding jobs with children. This would be perfect to provide that extra push and motivation.

  8. Ashley B

    I would love to win for me and my BFF! Fitness changed my life losing 104lbs. I now coach and help women to empower them to get for and healthy for their families. Paige and I became close friends through fitness and we motivate each other daily. Here is my story:

    My journey with beachbody began on June 29th 2011 when I got INSANITY in the mail. I was 204lbs and depressed. My husband was deployed for his 5th tour over seas and I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself. One day I was on Facebook and saw my now coach and friend Elena’s profile picture on a mutual friends page. Her before and after picture blew me away! She weighted about the same as I did when she started and she looked amazing! I decided right then and there that enough was enough! I wasn’t going to sit around and cry about why I couldn’t lose the weight, I was going to do something about it! I messaged Elena right then and there and asked her about beachbody and Insanity. I ordered the program and pretty much stalked the UPS guy for days.
    I started Insanity and never looked back! By the end of 60 days I had lost over 30″ and 17lbs. I felt amazing! Getting that I EARNED IT t shirt in the mail was like winning a medal!

    My next step was what program to follow INSANITY with. I poured over all the programs and decided that TurboFire was the perfect fit. Chalene was so motivating and made me excited to wake up and workout. I lost 27lbs and countless inches with Turbofire and Shakeology.

    I’m so happy with everything that has happened in my life in the last 6 months. I’m stronger physically and mentally. Im more goal oriented and outgoing. And I have the opportunity to help others reach their fitness goals too now that I am a Beachbody coach. Getting to talk to others about their struggles and help them see that they have what it takes to push is so rewarding.

  9. Jennifer

    I would love to win this for me and my BFF Jackie! We have been friends since out sophomore year in high school through our school’s field hockey team. The sport is what originally brought us together and the fact that we are like the same person made us best friends. In May, at 21 years old Jackie’s family, who become like my own, made a big move from PA to CO and it was very sad for us. We could no longer say “I’m coming over” “let’s go to the gym” “I’m upset” and physically be there for one another. We were both obviously nervous this would affect our friendship. But thank god it hasn’t. We find things to talk about and laugh about each and everyday still. We connect over screenshotting, texts, Facebook quizzes, twitter posts and inspiring, funny, memorable quotes or pictures via Instagram. We still let each other known when we got something for a great bargain or when we found a new recipe we’d wanna try. Although winning wouldn’t fill the void, it would be an addition to the ways we are able to remain BFFs.

  10. Melanie

    Ik heb geen BFFF 🙁 alleen maar lazy friends…

  11. Jessica

    Bevaar my friend always push me to eat healthy and exercise. But i still need some motivation.

  12. Diana Gonzales

    Would love be able to share these items with my girls. I have two daughters and I love being able to share health & fitness with them. I believe mothers teach their daughters to love themselves and work hard towards their goals; educational, spiritual, and physical.

  13. Sophie Klipfel

    I will start off by saying, “the greatest value of having a good friend is not what you get from them, but the better person you become because of them”. This is exactly what the concept of best fit friend represents and the reason why i would really love to win this for myself and Julina de Lannoy!
    We work together to make ourselves better than the person we were yesterday and winning this would really confirm the fact that we are growing together as fit friends! We hit the gym 3 times a week together and motivate each other always.We want to be an inspiration to others as well by showing how simple and easy it can be to become fit. It’s a matter of working towards your goal and never giving up.

  14. Mavis

    I am a Fit Girl because I care. I care about my health. About my body. About what I eat. That last one is very important to me, because I found out a couple of years ago that I have a liver problem together with the irritable bowel syndrome. I am not able to eat fat stuff or drink alcohol. I had to change the way I ate. I now eat loads of veggies, fruit, and nuts and I just drink my own juices, smoothies, water en green tea. Apart from all this, I think a girl needs to take care of their body! I love doing pilates, boxing, bodypump, bikram yoga. running and tons of other workouts! And I love to do this with my best friend! And if I am working out alone music is my other best friend 😉 we both love music and having the Frends earbuds and headphone, because that will make us F A N C Y in out workout clothes!

  15. Vale Moya Laurito

    I want to win this for my sister Tiff and I, she is my BFFF. I started functional training and Crossfit because of her. She started going to the gym and no one would go with her, so she asked me and I said YES because well…I would do anything to see her happy 🙂 At the end I fell in love with training, took a bus almost 2hrs one way and 2 hrs the other so we could match our work and school schedules. I didn’t mind at all! It actually made us closer and helped me with some food issues too.

    When one was lazy and didn’t want to go the other would pump her up. Its been almost 3 years now!

    I married and moved from Costa Rica to California leaving my gym buddy behind 🙁 but we IG, FB, iMessage and Viber each other to keep training and we have! Even if she isn’t there it still makes me feel close to her and its her voice that pushes me to lift more and run faster. I miss her everyday of my life.

    So winning this would be amaaazing because she deserves this and much much more for changing my life. Te amo Tiff!

  16. Juliette Louter

    Hi Fitgirlcode, me and my bfff Rianne Stoel really deserve this. We just know each other since september 2013, since te beginning of our study Skintherapist, but we soon found the passion we shared! Healthy food and sport to feel fit and make up your mind! Since my boyfriend got his leukemia back at oktober 2013 she supported me and got me through to get back on track to do sports and my healthy food recipes! We share together all of out workout ideas and recipes (she even used one of my recepis at her paper about behaviour change and healthy prevention!). Since our first year ended we keep in contact with Sharif pur ideas and we even want to sport together though we live far away from eachother! Together with these headphones it will be amazing! Hope we can win together that would be amazing! Hope to hear from you! Thanks! Greets Juliette

  17. Jela

    I would love to win the prizes because my bfff is my Sister and i would really like to thank her to take me to the gym 🙂 <3

  18. Angelina

    I really want to win because, im leaving my place for a entire year and all friends where sad abou it, and my BFFF are very sad and i would like to win this to share with her this, she is not having her gym partner for an entire year so, if we win were going to share it ❤️

  19. Pascale

    Super leuke actie 🙂
    Ik doe graag mee met mijn BFF Marjolein van etten.
    We zijn alletwee veel afgevallen en stimuleren elkaar om fit te blijven en lekker in je vel te zitten 🙂
    Top vriendin. Liefs Pascale Aay

  20. Sabina

    BFFF Aukje&me

  21. Jade

    I would really like to win the Frends headphones for me and my friend and superfittie Lindsey.

    Linds really motivates me while we’re running together and she makes me not want to give up even when i’m super exhausted at the end of our run. Even when she could run a lot faster than me, she stays on my pace and keeps me going.

    At first i wasn’t really much of a cook, I usually made the ordinary stuff (meat, vegetables and potatoes haha), but when Linds told me she was a vegetarian, I asked her if she ate salad all day and everyday. HA ofcourse not, what a silly question, but since then she started to teach me to cook healty and i LOVE it!

    Music-wise we have the same taste in music and I think the words ‘Alex Turner’ and ‘Arctic Monkeys’ are all there is to add to this 😉

  22. Mariëlle

    Maaike en ik verdienen dit cadeau omdat we allebei hard werken aan ons lichaam en het niet zo snel en hard gaat als wij beide willen. Dit zou een leuk cadeautje zijn om de motivatie vol te houden!

  23. Indigo J Starr

    My BFF and I both struggled with our weight and definitely gained the freshman 15 and then some. Even with working out the college lifestyle just wasn’t the healthiest. After graduating and living on our own we committed to a healthy lifestyle we are both 20 lbs lighter than we were in college and under our high school weight. We motivate each other to go to workout classes, run together, do 8min abs while watching TV, and cook healthy recipes. Most of all she supports me to be healthy and fit not to be skinny. We’re getting stronger every day and celebrate the more we can lift or farther we can run not the amount of pounds we lose!

  24. Jo-Ann

    My sister is my fit bff!!! We motivate eachother. She has an auto-immune disease but always keeps pushing:) She started working out because I inspired her to live a healthier lifestyle, but I can surely say that she inspires me so much more now to always keep going and to believe in myself!

  25. Maaike

    Marielle Conrads​​ and i deserve this! We’re both getting fit on our own way. She is going to the gym and i’m going to a medical doctor. We need a power boost!

  26. Angeline K

    Ik ben anderhalf jaar geleden begonnen met een cursus hardlopen voor de ladiesrun 5km. Mijn vriendin was toen al ruim een jaar aan het vechten tegen kanker. Ik ken haar al vanaf de middelbare school. Ze was zo trots op mijn prestatie en doorzettingsvermogen. Ik heb nooit echt gesport in mijn leven, behalve het dansen tijdens het uitgaan en hier en daar lesjes zumba. Uiteindelijk heeft mijn vriendin het niet gered en raakte ik in een megadip terecht. Het was mijn zusj3 die uiteindelijk met mij wilde meetrainen die ervoor zorgde dat ik er weer voor ging. We trainen vier dagen in de week. Lekker rennen door de natuur. Afgelopen weken merkte ik dat het zwaarder werd om het vol te houden. Gezond eten was vaak niet bevredigend voor mij. En ik snakte naar producten die al gelange tijd niet meer op mijn get-fit lijstje staan. Ik haalde een zwangerschapstest en guess what: I am pregnant. Niemand weet het nog en vooral mijn zusj3 nog niet. Ze zal balen, omdat ik van plan ben te minderen met hardlopen en meer cardio toe te voegen in mijn trainingen. Ik moet nog een hartslagmeter halen, om mijn hartslag in de gaten te houden. Te hoge hartslag kan gevaarlijk zijn voor ongeboren kind. Ik heb nu twee dochters en dit is de eerste keer dat ik fit wil zijn tijdens mijn zwangerschap (heb je snookie gezien?!). Ben zeer benieuwd of ik het ga volhouden, 24 september staat mijn eerste preggo collorrun op de planning! In elk geval zou ik frends set willen winnen, samen met mijn zusje Lindsay K. zodat als ik het nieuws vertel ik een geweldig cadeau voor haar heb om de setback van onze trainingen te kunnen verdragen. Haar bfff zal er minder zijn of op een andere manier. We trekken onszelf aan elkaar op, maar ik kan mij op dit moment niet te ver pushen. In elk geval kan ik wel doorsporten. Het is niet meer zoals vanouds waarbij gedacht werd dat sporten uit den boze is. Ik moet alleen even door mijn misselijkheid, hormonen en cravings doorbijten. I reallllyyyy want to win this #preggobeggingfaceon

  27. Iris Moonen

    My best fit friends lived in Germany while I live in the Netherlands – this would sure connect us through our workouts with such distance! Would love to surprise her with it next time we’ll meet:)

  28. Melissa

    Hi FitGirlCode,

    I really like to win this for my boyfriend and me! He’s maybe not a girl like al the other girls there BFFF’s but he is certainly the one that motivates me the most. And because we can’t always go to the gym together I would love to win! So we can use the headphones and listen to our favorite music!


  29. Michaela

    Not only is she my best friend, but she is my twin sister! I want to win the Frends headphones for her and I 🙂

  30. Cassidy

    I think my BFF and I should win these because we just started our fitness journey! She is skinny and I am… Well I’m on the heavier side. She’s looking to get lean and build muscle and I am looking to lose weight, and look great naked! (Or at least in a bikini!) we both could use all the motivation we can get and it would be fantastic to win these!!! I have always wanted a pair!

  31. Alyssa Point

    I think that me and my twin sister, Michaela, should win the giveaway because we are both super athletic and motivated. We are both going into our last year of high school and want to improve our track and soccer performances tremendously! We are working really hard together to get the results we want. She is my sister, best friend and also the best workout partner anybody could ask for! She keeps me motivated during workouts or long runs and I do the same for her! We are an unstoppable team when it comes to fitness, BFFF! Just as a sidenote you have really inspired us to achieve our goals 🙂

  32. Erika J

    My friend Denise and I should win the the frends goodies because we both love to walk, listen to music and have a nice bit of girl talk to get fit and healthy. We also love to travel and take time strolling and exploring the sights of the world on foot as it’s a better way to experience the culture and country you are in first hand and also maintain a healthy exercise pattern while we treat ourselves to delicious foreign foods!

  33. Emily

    I would love to win this for my BFFF and sister, Jessica. In total, since changing her life, she has lost around 130 pounds, and she continues to amaze me every day, both in and outside of the gym (we train together every morning). What she has done with her life is incredible, and she makes me work harder on myself every day. She pushes me at the gym, and she inspires me to be a better, healthier, stronger, and more confident woman. She’s taught me most of what I know about training, and it’s something that we love doing together. She is a strong woman and a Strong(wo)man. Jess reaches for and smashes her goals every day and has taught me that I can do the same. I want to win this because my sister/BFFF is amazing and I want to show her how much she means to me.

  34. Valerie

    I reaaaally want win this for the best friend I could ever ask for and me! We started training together this summer, just running but since last week also at the gym. She helps me with cardio, which is what she’s good at and I help her build muscles. We’re each others trainers that way and it really helps! The headphones would me perfect for our gym outfits, what better way to go to the gym than looking fabulous with frends. She’s gonna love it!

  35. Samantha Victor

    One of my closest friend and roommate just started our new life as FitGirls. With a drastic change in diet and exercise we are constantly challenging one another and always motivate one another when we are finding a gym session difficult or are craving a giant slice of cake! I would love to win this to thank my BFF for being my rock both in the gym and on the street. And we’d love this for our Cardio Wednesday!

  36. Laura

    My friend Sandra and I have been friends for 10 years now. We both love to work out together and listen to music. Once I showed Frends headphones and she fell in love with them. So did I. But they are too expensive for us to buy. It would be a great surprise to win what’s on top of you wish list.

  37. Nessa

    I’d really like for my sister and I to win this giveaway because she’s literally my other half and she does so much for me. I’d like to give her something back in return for all of the nice things that she does for me. She constantly tries her best to keep me at my happiest.

    Her and I have also been trying to lose weight for quite some time now. So far I have lost 25 pounds and i\I believe that she’s lost about 50. We still have a long way to go till we reach our goals. We try our best and fail from time to time, but we always pick one another back up and continue to push each other.

  38. Monique

    My daughter who is now 14 and I started our fitness and get health plan about 2 years ago. We started by changing our food choices for school and work lunches. Gone are the juice boxes, granola bars and store bought cookies. Added in are more fruits, salads and water. We started walking 3-4 times a week. It was a slow start but the results started to show. In the last year we started running and attend cardio boxing twice a week. Add in her hockey and soccer and she’s a very busy “fit girl”. Fastforward to this years prom, she’s was stunning in her dress !! I remind ourselves that it’s not the number on the scale that’s important, it’s how you feel!

  39. Mikhaila Crosby

    I would love to win these and donate my second pair to my amazing twin sister, Tasha 🙂 She’s my best friend and has won her recent fight against leukaemia. As a result of some of the chemo, she now needs a hip replacement (awful, don’t ask) which will be done and dusted this time next wed (30th)!!

    We’re SO excited and I was thinking that she could do with some new earphones to take to the gym when she’s off her crutches!! She loves only the best too, so these would be right up her street 🙂

  40. Piriye

    Hi, 🙂 I would like to win this babies for my BFFF Justina and myself. She has been encouraging me in my fitness exercises and health when I was lazy, she has been amazing and made sure I was leaving healthy. When I gave up on myself because I was adding weight, it seemed like no matter how much I work nothing happens, she assured me. We have been gym buddies for 4 years now, she helped make the slim fit I am today. She is very amazing and there is no better way to appreciate her for never giving up on me, I love her so much and these babies will be a perfect appreciation gift.

  41. Sherelle

    LOVE these headphones! I started my fit journey in october and dragged my friend Roos in it a while ago. It’s so motivating! And i bet its even more with these headphones.. 😉

  42. Marie


    I would like to win these beauties for my BFFF Annelies!
    We started working out together about 2 years ago. Unfortunalty, she had an accident last year which lead to a coma and long recovery.
    Now, she is fully recovered and ready to be my running budy again!

    I’m sure these beautiful headphones will be perfect to make our workouts even more fun!

  43. Dhwani

    I would love to win these headphones for me & my BFF/mom! We’ve always been taught in our house to hae a healthy balanced life and the importance of physical exersise! My mom & I love doing yoga together since it’s a layed back connecting workout for the both of us! These rad headphones would look so chic to listen to relaxed music while working out or my favorite Bey while on a run! Would love love love these for the both of us!

  44. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! These Frends headphones are on my wishlist for ages.

    I would like to win these headphones together with my BFFF Senay because we are friend for more than 20 years and always have supported each other. We both went through bad times but our friendship stayed strong and finally things are going more postive right now. Besides the body part we mostly help each other with things mentally and can talk for ages. I like to go out on my longboard and she’s love to take out her rollerskates so that makes us even a better team. It’s would be so amazing to show my love for her with this great present!

    I tagged her in the Fitgirlcode Facebook giveaway post! Now… fingers crossed!

  45. Yile nie

    I would love to win this for my bff Yu qianqian and I! xD we are all gonna transit from students to working adults and the change in lifestyle makes keeping fit a little bit more difficult! Time becomes more precious and so we really gotta schedule time for exercising! 🙂 heres to better keeping fit plans! And firgirlcode is here to give us ideas and motivate us! Bravo!

    We used to go for all exercise classes together and now we all make it a habit to exercise regularly! And my bff has a thing for abs, so your 30 day abs challenge has been helping her a lot!!

    Tagged my bff on facebook!! 😀 fingers crossed!!!

  46. Elspeth Murray

    I’d like to win these for my BFFF Jess who I’ve known through school and university. She ran Edinburgh half marathon with me – our first fitness challenge – and we are now hooked! She is moving to NZ in just a couple of weeks and I will miss her like crazy (not seen nearly enough of her before she goes) and would love to send her off with a great present like this. Fingers crossed.

  47. Anne

    Hi there fitgirls everywhere!

    My BFFF and I are girlfriends since we went to first grade and we have always inspired eachother to push harder and to crave for more. Although we don’t see eachother that much because we live far away from eachother we still inspire one another. We write letters with very motivating goodies and we call regulary. I love her to death and never want her out of my life. She is like a sister to me. I want us to win this giveaway because I think it’s the best way to celebrate our fit, healthy and extremely happy friendship!

    Lots of love from Anne

  48. Sarah Hoffmann


    I would love to win the headphones for my bff and I. We met in University and have been friends ever since. On newyears we made the decision to start a healthier lifestyle. We go to the gym together or for a run in the park. Since we are also living together it is easy to coordinate our workout schedule. Nevertheless we also have to work out on our own. The headphones would ne perfect because they kind of keep us together still. We are both from Berlin/Germany and really enjoy following your blog.

    Lots of love
    Jill & Sarah

  49. KimbalinaM

    I’ll keep this short and sweet. My fitness buddy, other wise known as my cousin would benefit from this free give away not because its free and the head phones are pretty, but who am i kidding, who doesn’t love free give aways. But I think a free gift from fitgirl code would encourage us to keep pressing on with our fitness. Im not going to lie we fail ourselves all the time but we still get back out there and try again over and over to keep our fitness up.
    Although there are many women (girls) out there that can benefit from this I also just want to say thanks for starting a fitness girls group where women can feel encouraged by each other to stay fit and not feel ashamed for wanting to be active 🙂

  50. Paulina Ruszkowska

    I got really ‘hyped up’ when I saw this on instagram. FitGirlCode has been a huge inspiration to me to start working out my muscles. My BFFF is always supporting me and getting me out of the trouble since she’s the smart one here 😉 well I was sinking when I moved to UK and she brought me back up. I can truthfully say that she’s The One. I’m getting her started on working out her muscles, because I take ther most joy out of training I can and I want her to do so too. Hope I can carry on encouraging her into training with me.
    (insta @seductivepear & itsgoldiee_)
    My rainbow

  51. destiny

    Me and my buff should win these goodies because it would be perfect for us when we’re at the gym. We are always working out together and we need new headphones! How cute would it be to match while we’re getting our workout on! Also the headphones look like they would fit better than regular ear buds especially when you’re running allover the place 🙂

  52. Kami

    My best friend destiny and I would love to win this giveaway! We work out together weekly at our college gym and would love to get our twin on with these gorgeous headphones! Pretty please pick us!

  53. Marije

    I just started working out and these headphones would make it so much better! Right now I don’t look so fashionable while running.. These babies will spice up my appearance! And my friend needs these ones as well doing her boot camp workouts. I’m so proud of her new lifestyle!

  54. Claudia

    I would like to win these headphone for my BFF Kayla! We have been dying to get a pair since last year. We are separated by distance as she has moved to San Fran for school and I am in Florida. Kayla has just finished a full marathon in January and 3 years ago marks our first ever half marathon together. We were raised by really fit runner moms who joined us together and make us the fit girls we are today!

  55. Romaike

    Dear Fitgirlcode,
    My friend Rianne and I both have now been living the healthy lifestyle for over a year now, being both inspired and motivated by Instagram accounts like yours 🙂 Even though we don’t always have time to do a full workout, we motivate each other whenever we can ^^ Lately I found out about your website, and ever since we started making the recipes together too. Things like the challenges and delicious recipes you give us is what keeps us going! Thank you for that 🙂 Anyway, keep on motivating others and thank you for all the tips and tricks!
    Greetings from Holland 🙂

  56. Cristel

    Dit is de beste prijs voor mijn DJ vriendinnetje! Zij verdient het!!!

  57. Rieneke

    haha one minute left, this is so my best friend Mariana and I, handing in deadlines on the last minute! We spent so much good times together studying and chilling out, these headphones would be an awesome thing we could share together when we want to relax, sport or block out noise from guys 😉 haha

  58. Chanel TImmer

    My friend Irina and I have been best friends for a long time. She’s an orthomolecular dietician and in many ways inspired me to start living a more healthy lifestyle. At the beginning of this year I decided to completely throw my life around and started eating nutritional food, started working out and generally decided to live a healthier lifestyle. And I am so glad that I chose to do that because I am so happy. I have her to thank for that for a big part and winning this for her would just be such a great way to give back because she deserves it. 🙂

  59. Stephany

    I would like to win these for me and my bfff and sis Jo. Because we work hard every day to become better in the gym and healthier than we were before. She’s always been there for me, when I was in and out of the hospital and doctors told me I have fibromyalgia, and still is now that I fight hard to get my life back. She inspired me to start my journey and to keep going:) xxx

  60. Mary Gaudet

    These are gorgeous headphones!!! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway ❤
    I’d love to win this for my BFF Krysta! She has stood by me cheering me on when times have been tough and always there for me when I need her. She’s one of a kind! Thanks 🙂
    Facebook followed both under: Mary Gaudet
    I’ve tagged her on the Facebook giveaway post
    Subscribed- mary.e.gaudet@gmail(dot)com

  61. Caitlin

    I would like to win this headphones for my best friend Dianne! We are training on different levels and we are both trying to get fit in our own way! BUT we have the same goal! Getting fit and HEALTHY!! I think that is the most important part of being a fitgirl, setting your goals and going for it despite your limits because of disease. Listening to your OWN body and doing whats good for YOU! I love talking about getting fit with her because we are learning from each other. I would love to win this headphones for her because she is going through time with her body and she really deserves it!

  62. Marije

    I totally forgot to press enter, silly me!

    I’d love to share this prize with my BFF Marije (yes, same name!).
    She moved to the other side of The Netherlands for love in February (shes in The Hague, I’m in Groningen).
    We work out (I do bootcamp and salsa, she runs and goes to an all female gym called Curves) and we motivTe each other by Skyping and sending each other pictures of healthy meals and home made smoothies!

    I miss her by my side but I’m glad we still have our moments. The bond would be forged even more to know we’re running around using the same in ears and when we’re relaxing at home or on the road for work, we’ll be listing to Ed Sheeran, Jamie Woon or Mumford and Sons together, apart, wearing the beautifull Frends golden headphones. Would be amazing!!

  63. Tricia

    Hey there fit girl code! I’ve been a fit girl since 2010 where I had just gotten out of a mentally abusive relationship and realized I needed to work on me and no one else! I started working out and eating healthy and become much healthier mentally. I lost thirty pounds and became much more confident. In 2011 I became a vegetarian (that made me feel great!) which lasted up until this last October when my Aunt Sharon/God Mother had a heart attack and pasted away. It was very unexpected and really hit me hard and I couldn’t continue my fall classes and felt like a failure. My first ever pet had to be put down in December and my beloved grandpa pasted away in February, so it’s safe to say its been a very hard year. It was really hard to do anything, like get out of house, let alone exercising. I went to food for grieving. This whole time, mainly recently, I’ve been trying to get back in the game of eating healthy and exercising, therefore my overall mental and physical state will get better! I am a Fir Girl because I try and keep going, even when it’s unbearable.

    My best friend Caitlynn has been there for me since we were 13 years old and were still best friends! She has always been on the heavier side, so we try and motivate each other to acheive our fitness goals! We’ve done teaoxes together, and try to exercise together when ever possible. We deserve to win these amazing prices because we’re hard working women who never give up. 🙂

  64. Ilse

    Oh, I hope I am not to late, only saw this today 🙁
    So why me and Layla should win this thing? Well, it is only 2 months now that we started this healthy journey. I am a runner, so I am used to be a little bit sportive, but Layla isn’t. She started with a start to run program and every SUNDAY morning we are in it together! First running and after it some exercises! Even when we had a rough night of going out saturday! We also started with bootcamp on wednesday evening together! Next to our two evenings/week together, we train separately too. Layla the start to run and I am in to gym and running. Next to the sport we are trying to eat healthy. We are sending each other snapchats to motivate each other. We are also checking instagram and tagging each other when we see nice clothes, healthy food or exercises. I think we are pretty good getting in to this new start of our lives to live healthy and fit. And Layla is the expert in mode, she always were nice clothes even while sporting ( I am doing my best to I think, haha)
    An headphone like that, would be nice to wear during my gym workout or while we run alone… AND I KNOW LAYLA WILL LOVEEEEE THE GOLD (me too btw) So, fingers crossed, we are hoping!!

  65. Nani + Nairi

    My best boo and I have been through it all. We started off as university mates and have ended up as not only sisters, but also as colleagues. It’s been an incredible 8 years so far, but to be honest, I feel as it I’ve known her for a lifetime. I’ve never seen anyone grow and fight for all she deserves the way Nairi has, and I know she feels the same about my own personal journeys. She challenges me to be a better friend and a better person. She’s taught me the importance of loving with an open heart, trying new things fearlessly, and celebrating all achievements and disappointments, however big or small. I recently made a big change; I relocated from our wonderful hometown of Los Angeles, and even though I tell myself it’s only two years, it kills me that I can’t meet up with Nairi at our favorite pilates class (but this is just code talk for getting delicious almond butter smoothies after class) or at one of our favorite cafés for a briefing on life, work, and love. However, the love is strong, despite half a country between us — it only strengthens our resolve to not only preserve our friendship as it is, but also to let it grow in beautiful new ways. It’s clear to my boyfriend, but nonetheless, I remind him all the time: she’s the love of my life (also sister to my corgi), and I want nothing but the best for her. And that includes these headphones; she’s advertised them for work recently, and is enamored with them now. This would be an amazing reward for her stellar work. Plus I think it would be hilarious and ridiculously amazing for the both of us to up our FaceTime game with some fab ear candy.