WIN: €100 shopping money at The Boyscouts

Definitely hint this to your boy/girlfriend because here’s exactly what you are going to want for Valentine’s Day. Together with The Boyscouts we wanted to give you a little Valentine’s gift because we <3 you! That’s why you can WIN €100 shopping money at The Boyscouts in the coming 4 days. Oh my!TheBoyscouts_Cosmic_Necklace_gold

This is the perfect opportunity for your boy/girlfriend who is still completely lost on what to give you for V-Day, or for you to surprise your BFFF with a lovely surprise. Because if you win this awesome giveaway and order as soon as possible, your gift will be delivered perfectly in time for the 14th. So already think about what you would love to get – a beautiful necklace, a badass bracelet or that awesome ring? The Boyscouts have lots and lots of amazing jewelry which would spice up every Fit Girl’s outfit!

So how do I win this?!

You need to complete both steps below in order to participate in the contest:

  1. Follow The Boyscouts on Facebook OR Instagram
  2. Tell us in the comments why your boyfriend/girlfriend should win this

Don’t hesitate any longer and participate in the contest NOW!

What is your favorite item of The Boyscouts? 

This contest will run till 8 February 2015, 3PM Dutch time. Rules and regulations can be read here

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  1. Marloes

    My boyfriend should win this hint! I don’t need a (big) wedding, an awesome ring from The Boyscouts will do :D. (for now…)

  2. Saar

    Last year my BF gave me a bracelet for V-day which unfortunately don’t fit anymore; my arms are much smaller now due all the hard and intensive training. It would be great if my BF would win this big price so he can give me a new one. I know for sure that the ‘Seize’ Hexagon rose looks awesome on my well-muscled arms

  3. Lindy

    My boyfriend should win this one, simply because he’s the BEST! (ok, honestly, also because i’m sure he’ll get me those earrings i like so much!)

  4. Helena

    My sister lives in the Netherlands and I live in Denmark, we see each other every month / 2 months. She also pass her masters a couple of days ago, so I would like to give her something that reminds her of me or better say us together. I want to give her something special:)

  5. Cleo

    Het zou leuk zijn als mijn vriend dit zou winnen. We willen elkaar heel graag verwennen met V-day maar omdat hij momenteel studeert heeft hij weinig geld over. Dit zou ervoor kunnen zorgen dat we in ieder geval allebei een cadeautje hebben (:
    p.s.: volg ze op Instagram (cleovdm)

  6. Angela

    It would be great if my boyfriend won this! I’ve actually never ever had an V-day present.. And I’ve been hoping for 3 years now that he surprises me once.. But he keeps on ‘forgetting’. I would love to give him this hint. I’ve been following The Boyscouts on Facebook for quite some time know and I totally fell in love with their style.

  7. machteldb

    Just because their products are super awesome! My boyfriend never buys me jewelry because he is to afraid to make the wrong choice. He simply cannot make the wrong choice attack the boycot. I like everything!

  8. machteldb

    Stupid autocorrect. Attack … is at the boyscouts ofcourse

  9. Lisette

    My boyfriend should win this so he can spend it all on me for Valentines day! 😉 We live in separate countries so we won’t be together. Buuuuut, if he can buy me a pretty ring from the Boyscouts (who I have been following for ages cause I adore that brand!) that would make Valentines day a little less stupid!

  10. Cindy

    Wauw, wat een toffe winactie! Sinds 1 januari ben ik an het daten met een hele leuk jongen en 14 februari zou wel eens de dag kunnen zijn dat we officieel een stel zijn! Ik ken hem nog niet goed genoeg om hem een cadeau te geven dat bij hem past. Toch wil ik hem deze dag heel graag verwennen! En met €100 shopping money bij The Boyscouts gaat dat absoluut lukken.

    Cindyvrooijen (instagram account)

  11. Cindy

    Ik bedoel
    Hij kent mij nog niet goed genoeg en met deze bon weet ik zeker dat hij iets voor me vind dat ik leuk vind en zeker zal dragen!

  12. Dian

    I dont have a boyfriend this valentinesday, but that’s exactly why I need to win this! to buy myself the best valentinesday gift ever! 🙂

  13. Lisa

    I would love to win this because my BFFF is going to live with her boyfriend! Too bad it’s 4 hours from where I live so we can’t go to the gym together anymore! This would be amazing to have a reminder of the start of our fitness journey and stay motivated even now when we can’t workout together every day 🙂

  14. Alyssa van Os

    Heee fitgirls,

    Heb sinds kort weer een relatie met m’n oude basisschoolvlam die helaas in groep 8 300 km verder ging wonen in Groningen waardoor ons contact verwaterde. Afgelopen kerst zijn we elkaar na 7 jaar weer tegengekomen en wat blijkt, hij (@itsyourbroniels) is net zo’n grote fitness freak als mij! Ik laat hem nu natuurlijk nooit meer gaan. Het enige probleem het is bijna valentijnsdag en ik ben radeloos, een goedkoop (studentenleven..) en leuk cadeau vinden niet zo makkelijk als ik dacht. Deze bon vind ik een top idee, maar met andere tips ben ik ook hartstikke blij! Haha

  15. Anouk

    My boyfriend should win this because he is simply amazing. He always knows the right things to say to make me feel better and because he always buys me really nice gifts! With this I can give him a really nice gift too! It would really surprise him!

  16. Emma

    My best friend should win this, because she supports me through everything and she has been going through a difficult time. She does really deserve a nice present for Vday

  17. soukaina

    My boyfriend has on his skin the triangle sign because its the fire sign ans he is fireman so please i felt in love when i see that gift and it Will the perfect one so i Will be the happiest girl in the world if i win that pretty gift

  18. brenda aruna

    onze eerste valentijnsdag en gelijk het beste kado 🙂 kort maar krachtig.

  19. Melinda

    My BF should win because this would make giving me a gift much easier!

  20. Mathilde

    My bf should get this because he helps me with everything. I am working on losing weight and its a struggle. He never leafs my Side, he never gets frustrated, he never loses trust in me. He deserves to win something! He loves to give me the feeling that i’m really special, and with the coupon he doesnt have to pay so much money ( he is a student). I know he wants to give me a bracelet from the boyscout but simpely doesnt have the money.
    So please choose my bf :)!!

  21. Valeria

    My boyfriend should win this one because he supports me EVERY SINGLE DAY in my fit-journey. I lost a lot of weight in The last year, and even if he wants to give me presents he NEVER knows what he had to buy! Ahahah 🙂 Moreover, he’s The sweetest person I ever know. ❤️

  22. Alissa smit

    Omdat wij deze maand 9maand samen zijn en hij me heeft gesteund tijdens mijn schouder blessure, knie blessure en aanrijding en me steunt tijdens het revalidatie proces in de sportschool.

  23. Heis

    Mijn BF moet dit winnen, we zijn dit jaar al 8 jaar een stel! De cosmic ketting lijkt mij de ideale manier om te laten zien dat wij samen ‘Strong&Together&Forever’ <3

  24. Michele

    my boyfriend should win this because he would spend some of it on me and then spend the rest on his sister xx

  25. Ingrid

    My BFFF should win it as this is her first Vday as a single lady and I would like to surprise her with this gift. Since the break up she decided to change her life and become a total fitgirl by going almost everyday to the gym or working out at home and eating healthy. She just deserves it 🙂

  26. Rachelle

    My boyfriend was away during the holidays. He was working on a ship for over three months!! I couldn’t even speak to him when it was Christmas because he was at open sea:(
    To make the story even more sad. He volunteerd to work on the ship, so there is no Money left for a beautifull valentines gift. Pleaaaaase help him out!! (And me ofcourse;) )
    Love x

  27. Diah

    My husband Melle should win because getting me a badass Boyscouts ring would be a great Valentine gift as I always seem to get practical appliances or household related items. It would make gifting a little (I say little as there is so much to choose from) easier

  28. Claire

    My boyfriend should win this so he can spend it all on me, because I deserve it. Haha just kidding, I think he deserves it because he just started a whole new life with a new education, friends and a fresh mindset. I am really proud of him and want to reward his journey (:

  29. Merel

    MY best friend should win this, because she’s working so hard on her healthy body and I can’t reward her with food anymore 😉 so this would be perfect to give her.

  30. Yasmin

    Omdat ik nog nooit een cadeautje heb gekregen met valentijnsdag en omdat ik dit jaar weer niks verwacht zou dit het perfecte cadeautje zijn om mijzelf te verwennen! Als student zijnde heb ik er zelf niet genoeg geld voor namelijk..:(

  31. Ciara Jordan

    My cousin should win this because she has had an incredibly tough year, separating from her partner, breaking her leg and suffering nerve damage that may or may not be repairable. She’s the ultimate fashionista, and ADORES jewellery! This would really cheer her right up and hopefully mark a turning point in her luck.

  32. Marlous

    Gewoonweg omdat ie de liefste en de leukste is 🙂

  33. Britt Gruntjes

    het lijkt me super gaaf om dit te winnen voor mijn vriendin, omdat zij helemaal sport addicted is net zoals ik ben. Mijn vriendin woont een eind van me weg waardoor ik haar nauwelijks zie. Op whatsapp praten wij wel dagelijks en kunnen het over alles hebben. Niet alleen het sporten wat ons heel erg bindt. Als ik bij haar ben kunnen wij de nieuwe smaken van elkaars aanwinsten van de afgelopen tijd proeven, omdat wij beide niet het geld hebben om alle producten te kopen wat wij zouden willen. Het lijkt mij daarom erg leuk om haar te verrassen met dit cadeau op valentijn. Niet alleen zodat ze dan weer even vooruit kan met het superfood, maar ook om haar een cadeautje te geven op valentijn omdat ze altijd voor mij klaar staat.

  34. Anna

    Just because we are awesome together <3