WIN a Polar Loop activity tracker!

Being a Fit Girl, I always try to make sure I get enough activity during the day. Even if you don’t have enough time to exercise every day (I sure don’t), there are small little things you can do to make sure you move enough, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or bicycling to the office instead of taking the car. The Polar Loop activity tracker is perfect to help you track your activity and make you rethink your day. What makes you move? 

The Polar Loop tracks all your activities, from a simple walk to the refrigerator (hehe) to a hardcore CrossFit workout. It even tracks your movements during your sleep! When you’ve been in one position for too long, it will also encourage you to start moving around again. It’s just like having a tiny personal trainer around your wrist.

On the website, you can keep up a workout log and schedule your sessions. Scheduling when you are going to work out can be very helpful – you actually free up time to make sure you get moving!



Now here’s the best thing: you can WIN one of these babies! Show us on Instagram how you #rethinkyourday by tagging @polarglobal and using the hashtags #rethinkyourday and #polarloop to get your hands on your very own Polar Loop! You even get to choose the color yourself. The contest runs for two weeks until the 27th October, so let’s get started!

#FITGIRLCODE challenges you to show us how you #rethinkyourday and be more active in your daily routine!

This post was created in collaboration with Polar and Fashiolista Agency.

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  1. Eline

    To bad all the #win actions are based on instagram.. I dont have an account so i will never win anything from your gifts

    • Shelley

      Hi Eline,
      Most of our giveaway contests are based here on the blog and extend to Facebook and/or Instagram. So you can definitely win something one day!
      Unfortunately this contest is indeed based on Instagram only. However do keep an eye out for new contests because they are not always on Instagram 😉
      X Shelley

  2. Laura

    Really nice movie! And cool gadget. Need to have one!

    • Shelley

      Hi Laura,
      Thank you! Make sure to go on Instagram and participate, who knows, you might win one! 🙂
      X Shelley

  3. sandra bowie

    I love my Polar bracelet it helps me to move more highly recommend to all

  4. sandra bowie

    Thank you

  5. sandra bowie

    The Polar loop is great

  6. madhavi

    hey!! I’ve participated in the contest! hope to win one to help me work out and stay fit!

    PS- all you girls inspire me! thank you

  7. Ro

    And and and? Who won! 😀

  8. Ineke

    Hi Shelley, when and where will you announce te winner? We’re all holding our breath on Instagram