Winter Wish List

Hi Fit Girls! This article is going to focus on my winter favorites, I will share what I am loving and wish to have for this winter season! I hope this will give you some inspiration for your winter outfits. With no further due, lets get this started!

Something that I have been wishing to have is this amazing set of  headphones. They are cute, soft, they keep you warm while listening to your favorite songs! They are ideal since here in The Netherlands I bike everywhere, so it’s a good way to combine comfort, fun and fashion!



DSC_2398kopie kopieThe #FITGIRLCODE beanie! I love it, warm and comfortable! I usually wear it before and after going to the gym, and I get to say “beanie there, done that” every time I complete a heavy workout! This beanie is great for cold and rainy weather to keep you comfortable in style.



This blanket cardigan with a fun textured fabric, open front and wide-cut kimono sleeves is perfect for those days (Mondays), which are hard to get out bed! You can still feel comfortable warm and fashionable with it! Also It would look very good with the #FITGIRLCODE beanie!


Moving on to more sporty items, these working out tights are just great for winter. The marble print is amazing but it makes me think of ice and just reminds me the movie Frozen! Easy to combine with colorful shirts and trainers! Does’t it look awesome?



Here are the colorful trainers I would combine with my winter working out cloths. With a tone of grey and pink these fly knit trainers are lightweight and perfect for the gym!



Very Cute things right? It’s nice to dream about nice new things! 🙂 On the other hand what I wish the most for this winter season, is to feel happy, see progress in my fitness journey and see my family and friends happy! Like we all do 🙂 So ladies, what do you think? Cute items right? Let us know what is your winter wish list!

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  1. Resy

    Die muts ziet er echt heel fijn uit, die komt zeker op mijn verlanglijstje voor kerst