Working out outdoors – yes, even in fall and winter!

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I’ve always been the gym kind of girl – in other words; I really, really didn’t want to go outside. Especially not when it was cold, or even worse; when it was raining. My hair gets super frizzy and my mascara… well, let’s just say that those are not my prettiest moments. But hey, working out is not about looking pretty, right? In the past few weeks I fell in love with working out outdoors, and I want you to give it a try as well!


– Freedom and opportunities everywhere! You’re no longer limited by time or four walls; the world is your playground!

– There’s nothing like the smell of fresh air. Or working out in the rain. Try it, it’s the most liberating feeling, nothing beats it.

– Nature increases brain function and can increase concentration skills and creativity.

– Being outside can enhance mental well-being, is great for stress-reduction, can even improve self-esteem and help with depression (hello vitamin D intake!).

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  1. Resy

    Ik vind het echt heerlijk om buiten te sporten! Ja, zelfs wanneer het koud is of regent. Ik krijg er veel meer energie door en het geeft inderdaad een groter gevoel van vrijheid, dan wanneer je in een sportschool zit met vier muren om je heen.

  2. Roos

    Thanks Lisa you’re totally right! I’ll be planning an outside workout THIS WEEK 😀