You are the CEO OF YOUR LIFE

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Step 2: Write a three-sentence bio/mission statement
Pretend that you are looking through a dictionary and you come across your name. What would the definition be? Your bio should be approximately 350 characters including spaces. Make sure you use Step One to help with this process. Here is an example of what my bio looks like:

Nikki Pebbles is a hip shaking, hair whipping, Beyoncé loving, entrepreneur. She is the CEO and founder of Power(FULL) Girl, a place of power for women and the COO of the fitness program KERBOOMKA. Her mission is simple: to help establish the confidence that women need in order to pursue anything they want in life!  Head over to her website, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Step 3: What does social media say about you?
Take a second and look through your pictures on Facebook and Instagram. What do you see? If you find a trend of party pictures and beer cans, chances are you aren’t representing yourself in the best light. Think about this: If a potential client or employer reviewed your Facebook, would they still want to work with you? So how do you mold your social media around your brand? Here are some examples:

  • Take the time to research quotes, pictures, and articles that are relevant to your brand. If you are a fitness instructor, find helpful recipes, record exercise videos, and find new innovative products to talk about!
  • Use the websites or to help manage and schedule your tweets and Facebook updates.
  • Find someone in your field who is an expert and follow them on their social media. See what they are posting and how they are representing themselves. Make it a priority to retweet and LIKE what they put up.
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